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    The Saline County Historical Society

    When I first started managing the Saline County MOGenWeb Project, I searched long and hard for any information about the Saline County Historical Society. Finding nothing I came to the erroneous conclusion that there wasn’t one — an assumption that was corrected by a nice lady at the Marshall Public Library. She told me that not only was there a county historical society, it was pretty much based in the library. Makes sense — but why such a secret?

    Since I don’t actually live in Saline County, and Marshall is just far enough away to make a day trip difficult, I was never able to follow up on this “Secret Society,” instead referring inquiries about the SCHS to the Genealogy Department at the library.

    The article about the SCHS lawsuit against the Marshall Public Library made me wonder again what was up — especially the little tidbit . . . [Yes! There’s more!]