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    Legacy Family Tree 9

    Long post, so bottom line: No, I’m not upgrading. I’m not even going to spend the time to find out what new features Legacy is rolling out.

    In my efforts to get more organized, I thought I might start from scratch, software-wise — definitely not from scratch entry-wise. Made that mistake a couple of years ago and I still haven’t restored even a fraction of my photos, documents and sources. This is painfully evident from the lack of documentation appearing on the website. But this was necessary since all my “let’s put this over there” silliness finally caught up with me and it really was easier to start over than to try to correct all those paths or find all those files. I retained the names, facts., etc., in the original family file, though. Whew.

    Anyway —

    I’ve been using Legacy Family Tree pretty much from . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

    I Wasn’t Wrong — I Miscalculated!

    In my PACT Project Update at the end of December, I mentioned I was contemplating a hectic year and needed to get organized in a hurry. Not only am I still not organized, but this year so far has greatly exceeded my expectations busy-wise — and it’s only just started!

    Adding to that, I’ve been unable to work on my personal research with any regularity for about five years. I’ve got boxes of stuff to scan and document, as I’m endeavoring to Go Digital. For one thing, my printer went feets up, so printing everything like I used to isn’t an option.

    I also got the “bug” again the other day when I had to dig through one of those boxes. I found what I was looking for (and I’m going to write about it soon, as it’s so KEWL!), but I also found a ton of stuff . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

    1894 Death Notices in the St. Joseph, Missouri Herald, Gazette and Daily News

    Monica Schirmer Eshelman has sent in her abstract of the 1894 deaths mentioned in the St. Joseph Missouri Herald, Gazette and Daily News. She’s able to work faster because there are now only two newspapers, but also because the further you go back, the fewer obituaries and death notices are available. But she still parties on! Thanks, Monica!

    1894 Death Notices in the St. Joseph, Missouri Herald, Gazette and Daily News