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    1905 Deaths from the St. Joseph Gazette and News-Press Newspapers

    Monica Schirmer Eshelman has sent in her abstract of the 1905 deaths mentioned in the St. Joseph Gazette and the St. Joseph News-Press. She has since commenced working on 1904 which should arrive soon, considering her dedication!

    I’m not quite dead yet . . .

    I keep getting notifications from Facebook that people want to hear from me! So, “Hear! Hear!”

    I’ve been scrambling to clean up after hackers breached my hosting server and messed with *every*single*site* I had there. OMG! Can’t these kids find something else to do? I don’t have a lot of people who pay me for their websites, but of course, those few had to come first before my hobbies obsessions.

    In the meantime, Monica is absolutely bombarding me with great new stuff to post. This is good for you/us — as soon as I can get it online.