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    If it’s here, it’s so you can use it. But please don’t take credit for someone else’s work. And no commercial use. I think that’s clear enough, but just in case: Can you use “it” on your personal website? Yes! Can you print “it” for your records and take it to your family reunion? Yes! Can you compile a great cemetery book, complete with photos from here, and sell it on eBay? NO! There, that should do it.

    That said, there should be no documents or photos on this site, or the companion USGenWeb sites, that have not either been created by myself, contributed by other people (Hi, Monica!), or used with permission, either expressly granted, or implied, as in stated in a Find A Grave profile. As has been the case in the past, a photo will be passed from person to person, and then sent to us, and we have no way to verify if the contributor actually had the rights to the item. If you find anything that belongs to you and shouldn’t be here, please contact me and let me know!

    Obits from the Idaho Statesman used with permission.

    Obits and news articles relating to Andrew County burials courtesy of Monica Schirmer Eshelman. She’s tireless!

    Missouri death certificates from Missouri Digital Heritage.  I used to just link to them, but the links change every time they redesign the site, so I download them now, and did obtain permission from them to use.

    Extensive use is made of the WordPress plugin Media Library Assistant. In the process of setting it up, developer David Lingren was a huge help and patiently answered a lot of stupid questions. He’s on top of the support forum, even when he’s on the road, and donations for the plugin go to the non-profit Fair Trade Judaica.