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    ARGH! Strikes AGAIN!

    I’ve used HeritageQuest Online for years to access the U.S. census. It’s a service available through libraries which, unlike Library Edition, can be accessed from home using your library card number. Yes, the interface was a bit outdated and maybe not as pretty as some. You had to be a bit creative with your searches because of the way the indexing was presented, and while all available images for all years were there, not all years were indexed. The pages with the images themselves loaded relatively quickly, taking into account how large the files were, and there were several format options available for saving them.

    Enter, screwing things up again, a la RootsWeb and Find A Grave.

    I don’t know when HeritageQuest Online climbed into bed with, but some time in the last month or two, the website has been “updated.” At . . . [Yes! There’s more!]