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Vicki Wingfield Piper (1952-2020)

It is with great sadness that I’ve learned of the passing of Vicki Piper on 15 February 2020. She was a huge help here, contributing many indexes and doing look-ups from hard-to-find books. She will definitely be missed.

What’s New for November, December and the Foreseeable Future

My Christmas present this morning — apparently another section of the site is down due to, I think, some kind of server update. How long has it been down? I have no clue. As is usually the case, the error message isn’t helpful at all. Also, as is usually the case, no one noticed or cared enough to let me know there was a problem.

I’ve had a suspicion for a long time, and am again reminded, that the only users for the site are me, a couple of dedicated contributors (Monica and Justin) and the Google bot. So I’m thinking I’m going to be taking a break for a few months.

What’s New in October

Actually, not much happening this past month of October, and probably pretty quiet for the rest of the year. I’m taking some time off to watch old Hitchcock movies and read silly books. 🙂

What’s New in September

The problems with the Google Newspaper Archive continue, but we still got a few newspaper death notice indexes from Monica.

Added the Standard Atlas of 1905 and 1930 Plat Book to Morgan County, and the Morgan County sections from History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri, Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.

The Photograph Andrew County Tombstones (PACT) Project pages, including the obituaries, are no longer in a bunch of difference places. It’s going to be a bit of a shock for old users (we’ve already heard from a couple), but it is actually better once you get used to it. New users will wonder what all the fuss was about. 🙂

Updated some Carter County cemeteries with photographs.

Added the 1877, 1897 and 1930 plat map books for DeKalb . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

What’s New in August

It’s been a busy month! I wish I had a kewl prize to offer if you make it through the whole thing. 🙂

Google Newspaper Archive: As you might know, Monica makes extensive use of the Google Newspaper Archive to index the death notices in the old newspapers for us. A few weeks ago, she started having problems with it and it’s become pretty much unusable at this point. There’s a discussion thread about it in the Google forums — and it’s not just her having issues. While it doesn’t appear anyone with any clout from Google is weighing-in, we hope you will. Interesting that the comments indicate it’s genealogy researchers who are using that archive, eh?

Facebook Changes: Facebook recently made a change that no longer allows for automatic posting of blog posts to the Facebook page. It’s still possible to add the posts to . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

What’s New in July

Lots of stuff happened in July. Well, I think it’s lots — you might not. 🙂

The Morgan County MOGenWeb project now resides in three places, which is going to be confusing for the time being. The Rootsweb site is back up and while Rootsweb was down, most of the material was moved to the server. Once the material has been harvested from Rootsweb, and once I can get logged into, those will be deleted and redirected, so please update your bookmarks.

I spent the better part of July, as with most of the past months, working on the St. Mary’s Cemetery in Hurlingen, Buchanan County, Missouri. I could probably work on this cemetery for another year and still not call it “finished.”

Monica, as always, was busy indexing newspapers and we have these gems from her:

1889-1899 Obituaries . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

Morgan County MOGenWeb Project

Work has begun on cleaning up the Morgan County MOGenWeb project pages and moving them from the MOGenWeb server. There is a lot of information there, so it will take awhile.

Most of the email addresses on the Surnames list and the links to researchers’ pages are broken — some as a result of the Rootsweb problems, and also because they were abandoned long ago. There’s contact information on almost every page for County Coordinators who are no longer active.

Unfortunately, there continues to be a problem accessing the old site on MOGenWeb to update those pages. Your patience is appreciated while that gets resolved.

Are you doing research in Morgan County? Do you have a personal website that contains information about families or places there? We will be happy to link to your site, the only requirement being that your page must deal . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

What’s New in June

This month was spent almost exclusively researching the families buried in the Saint Mary’s Cemetery, Buchanan County. There’s a lot of merging going on as we find parents, children and siblings, the main goal being to establish the maiden names of the ladies who died before the death certificates were available.

As always, there were plenty of updates to the Andrew County cemeteries because Monica stays on top of that! She also finished up her index for the 1913 Death Notices from the St. Joseph Gazette, St. Joseph News-Press, St. Joseph Observer and The Eye and has commenced work on 1914. Yay!

What’s New in May

We finished transferring what we could find for the Carter County MOGenWeb project, formerly hosted at Rootsweb, from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. A lot of the MOGenWeb county sites are down and/or lost because of loss of their Rootsweb hosting, and a significant percentage of them need County Coordinators. Larry Flesher, the Missouri State Coordinator, would love to hear from you if you can help!

We heard from Justin Watkins this month and he submitted some additions/corrections for the DeJarnette Family Cemetery in Pettis County. In the good news/bad news department, he also asked, “What happened to the pictures?” This is how I found out that some database changes back in August 2016 broke many of the Pettis County cemeteries, and probably other counties as well. I really don’t know, at this point, how extensive the damage is or how long . . . [Yes! There’s more!]