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    The Pikes Peak NewsFinder

    The Pikes Peak Genealogical Society has been indexing the Colorado Springs Death Registers, and presents their work in the Pikes Peak NewsFinder.

    To check it out, I threw in my go-to surname: Pulley. What I found was quite exciting! Andrew J. Pulley, who died in 1903 at 35 years of age, is buried in Union Chapel Cemetery in DeKalb County, Missouri. Most of his life takes place during the void between the 1880 census and the 1900 census, and he died before Missouri maintained death certificates. There’s more interesting stuff about this guy, which I’ll probably write about later, but that is not what makes this find, as regards the Pikes Peak NewsFinder, so fabulous.

    Here’s the kewl part: The index entry includes a link to obtain the document. I clicked on it to find out how much it would cost. Nothing. They’ll email it to you. . . . [Yes! There’s more!]