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    Why Do They Keep Publishing This Guy?

    Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter recently mentioned another instance of plagiarism on the internet. Dick didn’t even want to mention the alleged offender’s name, (Barry Ewell) and linked to the Ancestry Insider article (he also didn’t want to quote the article, even with attribution, thus walking the walk as well as talking the talk).

    My question is — why do they even keep publishing this guy? Not only that, apparently he’s also still be hired as a speaker. Perhaps his fees are lower than the fees of the real creators of the content he “borrows.” Good grief, he doesn’t even bother to try to re-write the sentences, making Google a great way to quickly find the work he steals.

    While browsing the blog, I also came across this popular post: Monday Mailbox: Ancestry Removing Find A Grave Photos? The article itself is interesting, but read the comments. They . . . [Yes! There’s more!]

    1909 Death Notices in the St. Joseph, Missouri, Gazette and News-Press

    Monica Schirmer Eshelman has sent in her abstract of the 1909 deaths mentioned in the St. Joseph Gazette and the St. Joseph News-Press. Since Missouri death certificates weren’t required until 1910, this will be a huge help to researchers.

    1909 All Deaths Reported in Gazette and News-Press