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    Bethel Cemetery, DeKalb County, Missouri

    The Bethel Cemetery in Weatherby, DeKalb County, Missouri, has been updated and all of the photos taken by Kelly and her sister, Bonnie, have been uploaded and referenced.

    This cemetery was established by deed from Earl Richards to George L. Bray and Russell N. Salmon, Trustees, dated 25 April 1961, filed 6 August 1962, book 146, page 283. There are no burials in this cemetery prior to that time. It is often confused with the Bethel Cemetery in the town of DeKalb in Buchanan County, which is much older.

    TNG — The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding

    When I redesigned the NWMGS website, one of the things I wanted to improve was the cemetery listings. I had all kinds of great ideas, including linking people to their military records, if available, other family members, obituaries, as well as the tombstone photos. The design and implementation of the database was the easy part. After I had done about ten small cemeteries, I found that the category listing on the site (which is set up in Joomla!) took an extremely long time to come up. Since this was just supposed to be a listing of the articles in the Cemetery category, why was it taking so long?

    Some investigation revealed that Joomla! was processing the content in each article before it rendered the category list. This was causing all kinds of problems, not the least of which was the slow page loading. Shared hosting providers limit resources . . . [Yes! There’s more!]