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    Copyright and Fair Use

    Monica and I have this discussion occasionally, especially pertaining to obituaries. Can we re-publish them on the web? If they are from before 1923, no. Just recently I told her, “Since everyone else is doing it, I’m tempted to just wait for ‘them’ to catch me.” But that’s not really The Right Thing To Do, so I’ve settled on excerpts with links for items that I don’t have permission to copy outright. Some newspapers have given express permission to do so, The Current Local and the Idaho Statesman, for instance.

    Copyright law is a bear to understand. The University of Texas Libraries has a section that might help — the Copyright Crash Course. In a nutshell, “Fair Use” is NOT “re-publish the whole thing.”

    Pompous Ass Syndrome

    Pumpkin Moon!

    (As always, this got too long! Have better things to do than wade through all of this?! No problem! Here’s the payoff!)

    You know what it is. We have *all* been there. We’ve not only been victims of it, we’ve had it ourselves!

    Pompous Ass Syndrome (PAS) is not a gift, it’s a curse, not only for the person who has it, but for the people who must have contact with them. First year law students come immediately to mind. One year in law school and they know it all and *love* to educate not only their fellow students, but anyone they know about how expert they’ve magically become. Yes, they must do two more years (three if they’re in a night program), to actually get a degree, but at this point that’s just wasted time. They’re ready to argue their first capital case . . . [Yes! There’s more!]