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    I quit using Bygones years ago, and I’m still looking for a replacement for it.

    Bygones is a freeware software program designed to enter and keep genealogical research notes on a laptop or desktop computer.

    Though the program hasn’t been updated since 2002, it works on Windows 7. I haven’t tried it on Windows 8 — I do as little as possible on Windows 8. *ick* I understand it doesn’t work on Mac anymore, but I don’t have any way to test that. The manual was never finished and I don’t think it’s available anymore, but the program is intuitive enough you can manage without it.

    I still fire it up when I have time to work on my own things because all my research through 2009 is recorded there. I stopped using it then because new extract records weren’t being saved and it was just generally acting up. . . . [Yes! There’s more!]