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    PACT Project Update

    The next year is going to be even more hectic than usual. So I’m frantically trying to get organized. I don’t know why I’m hoping this effort will be better than any of the others, but remaining hopeful here. 🙂

    I particularly wanted to get the PACT Project up to date. I planned on a quick hour or so. Now *that’s* funny! I don’t know what happened, I know I’ve updated it since April, but I had emails from Monica all the way back to almost the beginning of the year. Thinking maybe they were tasks I hadn’t marked “done” yet. No such luck.

    So everything I could find has been added/changed/corrected. As you’ll see, the “What’s New” list for December might be quite daunting, but I really hope you find someone you’ve been looking for!

    Happy hunting! 🙂

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