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    I Wasn’t Wrong — I Miscalculated!

    In my PACT Project Update at the end of December, I mentioned I was contemplating a hectic year and needed to get organized in a hurry. Not only am I still not organized, but this year so far has greatly exceeded my expectations busy-wise — and it’s only just started!

    Adding to that, I’ve been unable to work on my personal research with any regularity for about five years. I’ve got boxes of stuff to scan and document, as I’m endeavoring to Go Digital. For one thing, my printer went feets up, so printing everything like I used to isn’t an option.

    I also got the “bug” again the other day when I had to dig through one of those boxes. I found what I was looking for (and I’m going to write about it soon, as it’s so KEWL!), but I also found a ton of stuff I didn’t know I had! I’ve only been doing this about 12 years, but in the beginning I didn’t have a “real job,” which I do now, so managed to accumulate a daunting amount of paper in a few short years.

    I’m going to be taking a break from a lot of other projects for awhile and get these documents in shape. I’ve been looking for things that I already had and I’ve wondered for a long time what would happen to all this stuff after I’m gone. I can pretty much guarantee at this point it will be kindling, because no one here is going to have any idea what to do with it! I want to make sure my work is not only “present”, but accessible as well! At this point, if it’s not usable for me, it’s certainly not going to make sense to anyone else!

    Wish me luck. 😀

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