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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altermatt, Edward Frances  1 Feb 1888Minnesota I8217
2 Judd, Dwight  2 Nov 1885Minnesota I1520
3 Judd, Harrison  Aug 1888Minnesota I1522
4 Judd, Irvin  May 1887Minnesota I1521
5 Judd, Oliver  Aug 1890Minnesota I1515
6 Judd, Sylvia Martha  27 Aug 1900Minnesota I2182
7 Judd, Walter  Feb 1893Minnesota I1517
8 Maxa, Albiana  Mar 1892Minnesota I2527
9 Maxa, Bessy  Jan 1890Minnesota I2516
10 Maxa, Christina  Abt 1867Minnesota I2427
11 Maxa, Edward  Apr 1883Minnesota I2472
12 Maxa, Emma  Oct 1879Minnesota I2450
13 Maxa, Frank  Apr 1895Minnesota I2538
14 Maxa, Fredrick  Mar 1884Minnesota I2483
15 Maxa, George  Aug 1889Minnesota I2505
16 Maxa, Mathilda  Apr 1886Minnesota I2494
17 Maxa, Rosa  Abt 1881Minnesota I2550
18 McManus, Eliza  Abt 1857Minnesota I14323
19 McManus, Margaret  Abt 1861Minnesota I14325
20 McManus, Owen  Abt 1863Minnesota I14326
21 McManus, Rose  Abt May 1870Minnesota I14327
22 McManus, Virgil  Abt 1859Minnesota I14324
23 Stewart, Arthur M.  May 1889Minnesota I1128
24 Stewart, Mary A.  Mar 1894Minnesota I1172
25 Sullivan, Louis H.  Cal 1887Minnesota I2328
26 Trachsel, Albert J.  20 Oct 1859Minnesota I11249
27 Young, Richard A.  7 Aug 1873Minnesota I5031