Allcorn-Dumsday Cemetery
Sedalia Township, Section 14
Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri

South on New York Avenue to 40th Street, turn east. Pass Goodwill Chapel Road on the right and then cross a small stream known as Breakfast Brook. A lane will appear on the north side of 40th St. just after passing the branch, take a left into it and go to the end. The cemetery is northeast of a shed structure. If you reach Marshall, you've passed it. GCW

In Sedalia, east on 16th to New York, south to McVey Road, east on McVey and cross a bridge, turn left at first lane. Cemetery is near the barn. JW

Like Rabourn and Abell cemeteries, this cemetery has too many surnames to just be a farm cemetery. I don't know who named this the "Allcorn Cemetery" but that's unlikely to be its name. The oldest burials are Gunnells and then Dumsdays. Harriet Dumsday married W. S. Allcorn, and then the Allcorns appear, but the majority of interments are Dumsdays. Speddens are earlier than the Allcorns also. GCW

Update from Justin Watkins January 2010: There are some tombstones that are supposed to be here which I found at David Thomson Cemetery and not here. I have noted those in the updated transcription . . .This is on private property. I did not talk to the owner of the property. The DAR directions listed below are correct with the exception that the cemetery is up the lane, past three trailer homes, and behind a barn. Chickens are being raised on the property.

Update from Justin Watkins December 2009: DAR: Copied by Mrs. Georgia Bohon Chancey, 1961. LDS: This cemetery was transcribed by Mrs. Georgia Chancey and Mrs. Juanita Waggoner, members of the LDS church of Sedalia. There are a few more names that appear in the DAR and LDS recordings (both of which agree, which would be expected since they come from the same source) than in the Genevieve Carter transcription.

Photos submitted by Justin Watkins January 2010.