Caples Cemetery
AKA Amazonia Cemetery or Boston Hill Cemetery
Amazonia, Lincoln Township, Section 36 South
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Amazonia, east on Broadway, turn north to Main, follow Main to end of blacktop, where the road becomes County Road 370, gravel lane to left. The cemetery is on the top of a steep hill. The road around the perimeter is drivable in good weather

Credits: These pictures were taken by Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2006. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Also reported buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005-2006:

Unknown child 1849-1857
Allen, Herman L.
Allen, Susie
Bartlow, Sarah Frances (Grimes)
Bartlow, Rosetta (Wilson)
Boydston, Elizabeth (Broce)
Caples, Charlotte (Lisle)
Caples, Julia (Dick)
Caples, Martha Anna (Vessar)
Caples, Matilda (Tracy)
Cobb, Alfred Monroe
Coffelt, Judy Ann (Underwood), d. Sept. 21, 2008
Davis, Cyrus
Duncan, Claudia
George, Frances Lorene
George, Sarah Elizabeth (Graves)
Hall, infant s/o John & Minnie
Hall, John C.
Hall, John G.
Hall, Minnie
Harman, William E.
Hobbs, Florence Genettie (Schumaker)
Karr, Katherine (Carter)
Karr, Richard
Karr, Warner
Kaullen, Larry Allen
Kerns, Ethel C. (Crippen)
Lee, Ira Richard
Lee, Wiley P.
Lisle, Charles H.
Lisle, Jerome Valentine
Lisle, Lemuel
Lisle, Thomas J.
Lisle, Tibetha B.
Lisle, William H.
McConnell, Clem Edward
McConnell, John Downing
McCush/MacCuish, Donald
McCush/MacCuish, Duncan (Jr.)
McCush/MacCuish, 2 infants named Mary
Paxton, E. 1900-1976
Paxton, Alfred R.
Paxton, Clara Belle (Weaver)
Perkins, Mattie Jane
Peterson, Nilson
Petterson, Hannah
Pierson, Joseph H.
Posey, Walter Tenet
Proffit, Deanna Kaye (Proctor), died Dec. 2, 2007
Reynolds, Melissa (Duke)
Roat, Mary Elizabeth (Stillion)
Sheridan, Phillip James
Silkwood, Larry H.
Smith, Enoch
Smither, Enos Harned
Smither, Mary Jane (Carr)
Stephenson, infant of John+
Stephenson, John Wright
Stephenson, Mary Emmaline (Taylor)
Taylor, George+
Taylor, James Frederick
Thorpe, Joel B.
Trapp, Mattie A.
Waud, Frances
Waud, John
Weeks, Ralph Franklin
Welter, David A. Sr.
West, William Edward
Wettes, John
Wolfe, Juanita Marie
Wright, Anna (McCush)


Section 1
Furthest east section of cemetery, beginning at south end
Row Direction of Row Photographs
1 South to north 01B-12
2 North to south 13-19
3 South to north 20-28 33-35
4 (very irregular) 95B, 36-63 29B-32B, 27B 67bB, 69, 88B, 90B-94B, 70B
5 71-84B
6 85aB-87
Section 2
Starts at southern edge of cemetery
Row Direction of Row Photographs
1 South to north 01aB-11bB 13B-19B 12B, 20B-30B
2 North to south 31-39bB, 72aB, 72bB, 40B, 79B, 41B, 41bB, 41aB
3 South to north 41-49bB, 69B, 70B, 71B, 50aB-51cB, 67B, 68B, 64B-66B
Cluster of stones 52aB-63B
Section 3
On south side of ridge which runs roughly east and
west through the middle of the cemetery
Row Direction of Row Photographs
Row Direction of row Photographs
1 (starting at southeast corner) South to north 001B-006
2 North to south 007-018
3 South to north 019-022B
4 North to south 023B-025
5 South to north 026B-038
6 North to south 040, 042, 041, 041B, 043-051
7 South to north 052-062bB
8 (not straight) North to south 063, 067B, 064aB-074
9 South to north 075-080
Cluster north of fenced plot 081B-085B, 109B, 086, 087
Family plot 088-101
Cluster south of fenced plot 102aB-107B
Section 4
Runs parallel to Section 3, on the north side of the
dividing ridge, continues to near west end of cemetery
Row Direction of Row Photographs
1 South to north 01B-02bB
2 North to south 03-14cB
2.5 (family plot) 15-18B
3 North to south 19aB-23B
4 South to north 24-28B
5 North to south 30-32B
6 South to north 33-36
7 North to south 37, 37B, 48B, 82aB, 82bB, 38-42
8 South to north 43-51
8.5 52B
9 South to north 53B-62, 47B
9.5 63
10 North to south 64-67
11 South to north 70-72
12 North to south 73-77
13 South to north 78-80
Alone, end of section 81
Section 5
Western end of cemetery, cemetery drive is the boundary to the west and south
Row Direction of Row Photographs
1 (starting at west side) South to north 001B-009bB
2 North to south 010B-014
3 South to north 015B, 016
4 North to south 017-026
5 South to north 027-046
6 North to south 047-058
7 South to north 059B-061, 68B, 69B, 062B-067
8 North to south 068, 069B, 071B, 073
9 South to north 074B, 077B-096
10 North to south 097-103