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    Better Search Capability is Here!

    I’ve been getting an unusually high number of emails lately from people who can’t find stuff. I readily admit that all the “What if we did THIS!” ideas have resulted in a labyrinth that’s hard to navigate, even for me and I’m the one who put this stuff here.

    Turns out, when they can’t find something, they’re in the wrong section of the site. Don’t you hate it when website goddesses think you should figure this out on your own? Me, too! I’ve always considered this blog section to be the front door, but hardly anyone hits this page first, if at all.

    The content management systems (CMS) that I use to try to reign in the chaos are notoriously lacking in search capabilities. Additionally, I remembered the other day that Monica doesn’t favor PDFs because the content might not show in search results. (The PDFs themselves should all be searchable. If you find one that isn’t, let me know!) I’ve known for a long time I needed to resolve this issue, but that task just never rose to the top of the to-do list until recently when, like I said, so many confused people were trying to find things they knew were here somewhere.

    I won’t blather on about the hurdles I encountered this morning trying to resolve this problem. All YOU need to know is that I think I can stick a fork in it and call it done! Just remember, newly added PDFs won’t show up in search results for several days as the content isn’t indexed immediately on upload. I don’t know exactly how long it takes — that’s something I have no control over.

    I really hope this helps you find what you’re looking for! If it’s here . . . 🙂

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