Rescued Photo: Breitzmann – Renlarque or Remarque Family Photo 1872

Shelley Cardiel rescues photographs from flea markets, eBay, you name it. She does what research she can to identify the family and then posts her findings on mailing lists, message boards, and photo sites in an attempt to reunite the pictures with family. What she does is awesome. I contacted her recently to see if she thought including them here might help. I hope it does! Please contact Shelley if you have information about her photos or project.

I’ve “rescued” an old photograph identified as Robert BREITZMANN which was taken at the Cramer Studio in San Francisco, CA. The photograph is dated 24 Dec 1872 with a note to “Mrs. PIERCE” and “Santa Barbara, CA” also noted on the back of the photograph. Robert appears to be in his 30’s at the time the photograph was taken. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Robert and his family:

Robert J. BREITZMANN was born 7 Aug 1838 in Breslau, Germany and married Annie RENLARQUE or REMARQUE (b. 1855) on 30 Sept 1873 in Sonoma, CA and together they had 5 children including, Robert J.; John Adolph “Juan”; Sophia C.; Freda; and Claudina or Claudia R. BREITZMANN, all born between 1873 and 1889. In 1882 the family was living at 1222 Mission St in San Francisco and by 1886 the family was living at 1127 Bush St in San Francisco and by 1896 the family was living at 1511 Vallejo in San Francisco. Robert died in San Francisco, CA on 14 Mar 1902.

Census records provide the following details:

1900 census of San Francisco, CA:
Robert J. BREITZMANN, age 61, born Aug 1838, married 28 years, born Germany, parents born Germany, to USA 1857, a Druggist
Annie BREITZMANN, wife, age 44, born Aug 1855, married 28 years, 5 children/5 living, born NY, parents born France
Robert J. BREITZMANN, son, age 26, born Aug 1873, born CA, a Rubber Co. Salesman
Adolph J. BREITZMANN, son, age 24, born Jul 1875, born CA, a Mining Co. Salesman
Sophia BREITZMANN, dau, age 22, born Nov 1877, born CA, a Nurse
Freda BREITZMANN, dau, age 19, born Jul 1880, born CA
Claudina BREITZMANN, dau, age 11, born Aug 1888, born CA
+ 1 Servant

I am hoping to locate someone from this BREITZMANN Family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to the family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Shelley Cardiel

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