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Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Betty Jane  23 Apr 1924Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I17083
2 Brown, Unknown  29 Dec 1910Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I7872
3 Buhman, Ermit Charles  4 Mar 1924Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6195
4 Buhman, Harold Oscar  19 Feb 1920Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6203
5 Buhman, John Rudolph "Johnnie"  2 Aug 1910Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6243
6 Buhman, Rev. Leo Thomas  29 Dec 1915Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6215
7 Carrel, Anna I.  2 Apr 1882Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3444
8 Carrel, Cora  23 Oct 1886Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I1175
9 Carrel, Mary Imogene  19 Mar 1897Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I1177
10 Everett, Mansell Pulley  3 Jun 1904Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I2716
11 Fisher, Alfred Louis "Al"  21 Jul 1922Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6164
12 Fisher, Francis Joseph  9 Mar 1916Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6604
13 Fisher, James Clarence  25 Jun 1920Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6267
14 Griffin, Roy Lee  23 May 1945Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4826
15 Hall, John Henry  12 May 1856Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I1085
16 Jung, Imogene E.  16 Nov 1926Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6608
17 Karl, Alfred J.  6 Mar 1926Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I7230
18 Karl, Vera Patricia "Pat"  15 Mar 1930Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I7275
19 Kessler, Pearl C.  25 May 1911Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6848
20 Ketchem, Malcolm "Mack"  31 Aug 1884Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3682
21 Ketchem, Mary Alice  27 Aug 1866Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3006
22 Kneib, Loretta E.  8 Jan 1914Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6731
23 Kneib, Marvin J. "Ike"  12 Mar 1926Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6728
24 McManus, Bernard A.  21 Feb 1907Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6075
25 McManus, Charles E.  4 Jul 1896Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6616
26 McManus, Joseph C.  1903Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6116
27 McManus, Raymond  28 Sep 1910Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6134
28 McManus, Richard L.  22 Nov 1902Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6112
29 Means, Sophia  Abt 30 Aug 1878Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3670
30 Myers, Ila Geraldine  14 Jan 1908Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I16234
31 Pankau, Alvin Joseph  23 Oct 1898Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I12683
32 Pulley, Coleman Robert  21 Jul 1909Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4934
33 Pulley, Donald Fay  20 Jun 1921Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3700
34 Pulley, George Otis  27 Aug 1901Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4901
35 Pulley, Ivy Myrtle  27 Jun 1893Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4869
36 Pulley, Jessie Irene  26 Oct 1895Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4880
37 Pulley, Lee A.  1901Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3674
38 Pulley, Sadie Emma  1 Dec 1898Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4891
39 Pulley, Truman Alfred  1 Apr 1904Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4912
40 Reardon, Mary Ellen  5 Sep 1931Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I13982
41 Thornton, Rose Mary  Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4828
42 Wren, William Dale  1 Dec 1913Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3696
43 Wren, Wilma  4 Feb 1917Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I9615
44 Wright, Gertrude Viola  26 Sep 1868Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I13080
45 Zug, Harold David  23 Sep 1918Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6458
46 Zug, Pius  11 Jul 1887Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I13075


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Unknown  29 Dec 1910Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I7872
2 Buhman, Verda Elizabeth  14 Jan 2014Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6169
3 Davis, Marie Katherine  29 Nov 1933Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6612
4 Gawatz, Lewis W.  14 Apr 1926Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I13492
5 Karl, Veronica Bernice  19 Oct 2009Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6459
6 Kessler, Odessa Rosa  26 Nov 1915Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I13053
7 Ketchem, Mary Alice  15 Jan 1947Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3006
8 Ketchum, William Tilden  25 Aug 1953Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3828
9 McKee, Thomas  21 Feb 1910Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3951
10 McKeogh, Bridget  25 Mar 1933Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6486
11 McManus, Bernard A.  2 May 1981Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6075
12 McManus, Charles E.  26 May 1959Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6616
13 McManus, Richard L.  7 Oct 1974Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6112
14 McManus, Thomas A.  26 Sep 1949Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6587
15 Meister, Paul  24 Sep 1948Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6514
16 Pankau, Matilda E.  22 Nov 1951Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6515
17 Pulley, Deverix Newton  28 Nov 1900Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I1416
18 Pulley, Ethel Mae  16 Oct 1950Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3687
19 Pulley, John Warren "Jack"  22 Feb 1942Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I3816
20 Pulley, Kara J.  20 Dec 1915Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I991
21 Pulley, Mary Esta  24 Sep 1955Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I990
22 Pulley, Robert Edward  22 Aug 1933Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I1494
23 Pulley, Stella Devera  26 Jun 1972Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I399
24 Schleicher, George  1 Dec 1959Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6114
25 Swartz, Irma Kay  25 Feb 2017Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I5762
26 Thornton, Luke  15 Feb 1912Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I9304
27 Weipert, Mary Magdalene  21 Jul 1961Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6264
28 Wiedmaier, August Edward  18 Feb 1954Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6263
29 Wilson, Parley  28 Dec 1914Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I4036
30 Zug, Harold David  17 May 2004Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I6458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kagay, Patricia  11 Jul 2019Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri I16281


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Carrel  2 Oct 1901Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F3530
2 Giles /   20 Jul 1996Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F3783
3 Popplewell / Carrell  21 Apr 1898Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F419
4 Pulley / Means  10 Nov 1918Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F371
5 Pulley / Stafford  2 Jan 1898Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F370
6 Stubblefield / Fitzgerald  2 Oct 1954Clarksdale, DeKalb County, Missouri F6156