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Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Beahler), Susie  Cal 1892Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I5458
2 Baker, Charles S. L.  1860Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9518
3 Bowland, Clara Verlinda  15 Jun 1924Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11602
4 Bryant, Lucille  5 Jun 1868Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11385
5 Bush, Carlin Eugene  12 Feb 1946Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15165
6 Dakan, Mary Katherine  21 Nov 1915Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10273
7 Etchison, Clarence  1893Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11825
8 Everett, William Carson  Dec 1852Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I2683
9 Ford, Claude Franklin  30 May 1935Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9818
10 Getz, Marjorie  11 Oct 1931Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I14920
11 Gilmore, Mary  16 Jan 1871Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11656
12 Jarrett, James Earl Sr.  26 Aug 1930Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I6977
13 Jenkins, Howard Melvin "Buck"  30 May 1938Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I8721
14 Jordan, William R. "Bill"  4 Dec 1928Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9097
15 Lanning, Helen Marie  16 Jan 1919Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I8732
16 Morelock, Judy A.  22 Oct 1941Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9031
17 Pixler, Charles  2 Dec 1863Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11210
18 Rowe, Caryl N.  11 Nov 1931Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11689
19 Wampler, Evelyn May  3 Apr 1918Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7318
20 Wilson, Pearl Maybelle  4 Jun 1880Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Degenhardt), Sister Barbara E.  22 Sep 2019Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15322
2 Anderson, Michael Eugene  7 Sep 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I13211
3 Barlow, David Gary  13 Mar 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9231
4 Bateman, Oliver H.  22 Nov 1884Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I5085
5 Black, Darwin  17 Oct 1913Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10324
6 Booth Stallings, Dakota James  28 Jul 2013Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I8821
7 Buhman, Rev. Leo Thomas  8 Jan 2011Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I6215
8 Carter, Frank Gilbert  10 Jul 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I14993
9 Coats, Robert Levi "Bob"  15 Feb 2020Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I14906
10 Cochrane, Leola Rose "Pinky"  21 Jan 2017Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11203
11 Craig, Dorothy M.  2 Nov 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I5575
12 Dorrell, Henry Allen  13 Nov 1939Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11910
13 Enfield, Mary M.  24 Feb 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7667
14 Etchison, Agnes Louise  10 May 1923Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11841
15 Etchison, Fannie Etchison  10 Aug 1938Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11907
16 Etchison, Millard L.  14 May 1923Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11842
17 Etchison, Thomas Benton  13 May 1923Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11837
18 Fowler, Alma S.  8 Jul 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I13639
19 Gabriel, Lewis L.  17 Mar 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9486
20 Gilmore, Mary  6 Oct 1948Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11656
21 Henderson, Helen Irene  1 Sep 2012Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7377
22 Henderson, Mary Ellen  4 May 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7396
23 Holt, William C. "Bill"  2 Apr 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10240
24 Jarvis, Joseph Harvey  7 Mar 1957Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11461
25 Jones, Jimmie Oren  7 Feb 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7627
26 Karl, Charles A.  6 Apr 1979Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7258
27 Keiffer, Barbara Sue "Barb"  17 Sep 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15339
28 King, Donna Belle  29 Jan 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7128
29 Kline, Mary Elizabeth  6 Jul 1921Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I14432
30 Kneib, Vincent J.  16 Aug 2003Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I13866
31 Ludwig, Carol Sue  29 Sep 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10260
32 Mackey, Deloris R.  23 Feb 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I8860
33 McManus, Margaret A. "Maggie"  18 Mar 1946Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I6297
34 McMinn, Suzanne  18 Apr 2011Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7359
35 Meininger, Ruth Beverly  1 Dec 2014Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7538
36 Nelson, Carroll Jean  15 Oct 2020Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15249
37 Nold, Harold Leon  6 Dec 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15176
38 Pittman, Larry Ray  17 Jun 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I5532
39 Pope, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"  11 Jul 2017Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15129
40 Pulley, Charles "Charley" Ray  10 Feb 1951Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I4825
41 Rowe, Caryl N.  7 May 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11689
42 Sherbondy, Alice Rose  16 Jan 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I6994
43 Showalter, Lynn E.  28 Jan 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I5462
44 Simbro, Emma Danielle  13 Jul 1997Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15153
45 Sticken, Robert J. "Bob" Jr.  14 Nov 2015Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I15336
46 Strasser, Margaret E.  14 Apr 2016Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I7823
47 Stroud, Vickie Lynn  19 Mar 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I9597
48 Sybert, Ola O.  7 Aug 2014Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I11679
49 Terhune, Franklin Eugene "Frank"  16 Feb 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10054
50 Townsend, Linda Kay  3 Jun 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I13196

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hall, Madeline Doris  10 Apr 2018Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I10159
2 Housh, Mary E.  Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri I3038


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Cobb  24 Aug 1956Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F3239
2 Ashby / McMinn  13 Apr 1979Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F2623
3 Bush /   23 Jul 1971Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F5782
4 Calkins / Dennison  25 Dec 1937Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F5817
5 Curran /   6 May 1972Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F3565
6 Holt /   7 Jun 1968Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F3789
7 Kendall /   18 Jul 2009Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F4280
8 Landess /   28 Aug 1960Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F2332
9 Landess / Miller  31 Jul 1953Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F4905
10 Newhart / Loving  2 Oct 1953Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F3906
11 Rhoads / Boswell  13 May 1973Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri F4333