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Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benson, Diane V.  20 Sep 1939Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I7100
2 Bullock, Terry Lynn  1 Sep 1955Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I6483
3 Christian, Clyde Robert  29 Sep 1900Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I273
4 Cogdill, Sterling Price  4 Dec 1861Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4042
5 Dabler, Ina M.  1 Mar 1916Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I1610
6 Edwards, Carolyn Maxine "Carol"  12 Sep 1937Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I10816
7 Everett, Myron Evans  6 Jun 1903Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I2705
8 Fitzgerald, Wilma Louise  6 Dec 1930Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I9644
9 Hector, John Wesley  10 May 1885Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I11111
10 Hector, Ray Lower  11 Jan 1905Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I11481
11 Lord, William Michael "Mike"  25 May 1942Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I11921
12 Merritt, Anna Eldora  1 Jan 1876Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4411
13 Pulley, Hildred L.  16 Oct 1898Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I3735
14 Pulley, James Roscoe "Jim"  30 May 1884Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I3439
15 Schuchman, William George "Billey"  25 Dec 1932Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4775
16 Schuchman, Yvonne  21 Nov 1938Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4776
17 Smith, Eda Martha  4 Oct 1874Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4562
18 Smith, Ina Pearl  20 Jun 1912Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4419
19 Taylor, Eldon Glen  22 Oct 1939Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I10329
20 Vaughn, John Mark  30 Jul 1950Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4330
21 Vaughn, Robert Shanon  16 Jul 1952Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4331
22 Warner, George B.  5 Apr 1911Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4666
23 Warner, Ova  28 Jan 1893Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4429
24 Wiedmaier, Asa Calvin  6 Jul 1981Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4546
25 Zug, Louis  1900Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I7871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackley, John Franklin  14 Sep 1962Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I7262
2 Bailey, Cora Alta  5 Feb 1962Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I5658
3 Brauch, Clara Ernestine  28 Sep 1958Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4415
4 Campbell, Hannah  18 Feb 1934Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I11108
5 Carmichael, Eupha Maudene  26 Mar 1979Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I3227
6 Carson, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1913Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4395
7 Cheney, Hattie Janette  19 Aug 1925Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4384
8 Chisem, Maud  10 Oct 1963Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I7263
9 Collyer, Bluford Anderson  6 Jan 1929Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4601
10 Creek, Hope  5 Dec 1920Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4643
11 Daniels, Sarah Eliza  8 May 1927Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4843
12 Duce, Bertha Louella  6 Feb 1953Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4640
13 Duse, Edward Richard  15 Feb 1928Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4649
14 Fisher, Harry  3 Aug 1958Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4477
15 Griffin, Roy Lee  2 Oct 1945Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4826
16 Gunderson, Clotilda  11 Apr 1979Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I3876
17 Hall, George Byron  29 Mar 1951Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I1086
18 Hamilton, William J.  5 Feb 1945Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4378
19 Hector, Benjamin Franklin  30 Dec 1951Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I11110
20 Hofstatter, George Franklin  17 May 1925Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4846
21 Howell, Richard  6 Jun 1926Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4450
22 Kagay, Forest  22 May 1966Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I16231
23 Kagay, Lester Eugene  7 Feb 2003Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I16233
24 Kelly, John William  18 Mar 1961Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4576
25 Latkey, Edward  19 Jan 1935Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4453
26 Lewis, Albert  14 May 1951Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4231
27 McBee, Menecy  4 May 1914Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4431
28 McCartney, William Harrison  23 Jan 1947Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I5657
29 McElwain, John Wilson  3 Feb 1927Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4871
30 Merritt, Lockey Ellen  23 Jan 1952Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4422
31 Myers, Ila Geraldine  12 May 2012Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I16234
32 Owen, Wade Hampton  12 Aug 1957Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4442
33 Owen, William Clark  22 Feb 1924Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4534
34 Perrigo, David W.  11 Mar 1910Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4383
35 Pulley, Leona  29 May 1965Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I5612
36 Pulley, Noland Dale "Doggie"  4 Sep 2019Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I5780
37 Pulley, Settie  5 Apr 1958Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I997
38 Redman, David Thompson  29 Jun 1958Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4985
39 Schmidt, David Hiram  3 Aug 1964Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I5257
40 Schuchman, Sylvester Earl  23 May 1910Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4771
41 Schuchman, Yvonne  21 Nov 1938Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4776
42 Shedrick, John L.  29 Aug 1956Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4451
43 Smith, Edward E.  8 Feb 1947Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4804
44 Spalding, Vernelle C.  6 Mar 2018Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I13423
45 Stockton, Vada Elizabeth  24 Jun 1955Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4538
46 Sweiger, Alta Mae  5 Sep 2013Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I3912
47 Taylor, Sarah Jane  28 Feb 1930Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4713
48 Vaughn, John Mark  2 Jul 1964Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4330
49 Vaughn, Robert Shanon  2 Jul 1964Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4331
50 Waller, Rita C.  10 Oct 2003Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I6076

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Duce, Clarence Albert  24 Jun 1923Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4642
2 Duse, Hattie Lucretia  12 Sep 1929Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4454
3 Hofstatter, Ethan Allen  17 Apr 1928Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri I4842


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Edwards  9 Jun 1973Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F3994
2 Carroll / Ervin  25 Aug 1882Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F418
3 Gibson / Pulley  19 Dec 1906Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F1231
4 Pulley / Baker  5 Dec 1888Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F369
5 Pulley / Shingler  4 Apr 1909Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F1156
6 Pulley / Whitson  8 May 1909Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri F99