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Family: Joseph Ignatious Hazell / Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Pulley (F994)

m. 23 Nov 1872

Family Chart 

Elizabeth Hazell
Female (1837- )
Lorenzo Dow PulleyLorenzo Dow Pulley
Male (1810-1889)
Carlos D. Pulley
Male (1835-1905)
Mary Pulley
Female (1837-1914)
Amanda Pulley
Female (1839-1900)
Edward Pulley
Male (1841-1876)
David Morris Pulley
Male (1844-1912)
John William Pulley
Male (1846-1927)
Goldsby W. PulleyGoldsby W. Pulley
Male (1850-1896)
Thomas Brand Pulley
Male (1856-1929)
Judson Hazell
Male (1874-1927)
Dade D. Hazell
Male (1879-1936)
Aubrey Hazell
Male (1888-1968)