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Family: Robert Edward Pulley / Martha Ellen Hall (F165)

m. 3 Mar 1873

Family Chart 

John PulleyJohn Pulley
Male (1803-1865)
Jane BlakelyJane Blakely
Female (1813-1873)
Thomas Jasper PulleyThomas Jasper Pulley
Male (1832-1920)
Deverix Newton PulleyDeverix Newton Pulley
Male (1834-1900)
Mary Ann Pulley
Female (1836-1837)
Temperance Ann Pulley
Female (1840-1930)
William DeKalb Pulley
Male (1843-1929)
James Morton PulleyJames Morton Pulley
Male (1845-1927)
Mary Olive Pulley
Female (1851-1884)
William Hall
Male (1818-1899)
Martha Butler
Female (1820-1909)
Ann E. Hall
Female (1842-1917)
James K. P. Hall
Male (1846- )
Rebecca Hall
Female (1849-1859)
John Henry Hall
Male (1856-1943)
George Byron Hall
Male (1859-1951)
William Lee Hall
Male (1863- )
Robert Edward PulleyRobert Edward Pulley
Male (1854-1933)
Martha Ellen HallMartha Ellen Hall
Female (1853-1948)
Stella Devera Pulley
Female (1877-1972)