The Cousin Collector

Genealogy and Cemetery Project

Family: Joseph H. Taylor / Anna Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kessler (F5158)

Family Chart 

Fidel Kessler
Male (1821-1860)
Anna Elizabeth ZugAnna Elizabeth Zug
Female (1819-1920)
Rosie Kessler
Female (1844- )
Henry Kessler
Male (1846- )
Jacob W. KesslerJacob W. Kessler
Male (1849-1927)
Frank S. Kessler
Male (1852-1932)
Daniel Kessler
Male (1856-1929)
Joseph H. TaylorJoseph H. Taylor
Male (1854-1892)
Clary Taylor
Female (1881- )
Frank Vincent TaylorFrank Vincent Taylor
Male (1885-1964)
Ella TaylorElla Taylor
Female (1888-1891)