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Family: Sebastian Kessler / Louisa Schleicher (F2289)

Family Chart 

Sebastian Kessler
Male (1795-1845)
Scholastika Kotz
Female (1801-1869)
Hannah KesslerHannah Kessler
Female (1822-1915)
Jacob KesslerJacob Kessler
Male (1832-1915)
Mary A. KesslerMary A. Kessler
Female (1834-1897)
Eliza Kessler
Female (1839- )
John SchleicherJohn Schleicher
Male (1813-1891)
Mary SteelMary Steel
Female (1818-1902)
John Schleicher
Male (1853- )
Joseph SchleicherJoseph Schleicher
Male (1855-1931)
Sebastian KesslerSebastian Kessler
Male (1845-1913)
Louisa SchleicherLouisa Schleicher
Female (1850-1919)
Emma S. KesslerEmma S. Kessler
Female (1870-1948)
Clara KesslerClara Kessler
Female (1872-1947)
John J. KesslerJohn J. Kessler
Male (1877-1948)
Jacob Henry KesslerJacob Henry Kessler
Male (1879-1957)
Anna Sophia KesslerAnna Sophia Kessler
Female (1881-1951)
Dorothy Kessler
Female (1891- )