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Family: William Fisher / Mary Louisa Wiedmaier (F2233)

Family Chart 

Michael FisherMichael Fisher
Male (1807-1884)
Regina VaethRegina Vaeth
Female (1821-1895)
Mary FisherMary Fisher
Female (1845-1931)
Henry FisherHenry Fisher
Male (1847-1943)
Alexander FisherAlexander Fisher
Male (1849-1920)
Martin FisherMartin Fisher
Male (1851-1948)
Louis Michael Fisher
Male (1853-1937)
Louise FisherLouise Fisher
Female (1857-1935)
Theresa Regina Fisher
Female (1859-1951)
Peter J. FisherPeter J. Fisher
Male (1864-1959)
Michael WiedmaierMichael Wiedmaier
Male (1820-1892)
Paul W. WeidmaierPaul W. Weidmaier
Male (1872-1953)
William Fisher
Male (1844-1932)
Mary Louisa Wiedmaier
Female (1846-1922)
Elizabeth M. FisherElizabeth M. Fisher
Female (1873-1962)
Regina Barbara Fisher
Female (1877-1945)
Paul Joseph FisherPaul Joseph Fisher
Male (1880-1965)
Sebastin G. FisherSebastin G. Fisher
Male (1882-1928)
Josephine M. FisherJosephine M. Fisher
Female (1884-1973)
Felix William FisherFelix William Fisher
Male (1887-1938)