PLEASE NOTE! Updates and corrections are no longer being applied to this PACT section. It's just too problematic to try to maintain the information in three different places -- the result that it's being done poorly, or not at all. You can find a list of updates and corrections here with links to the respective pages and cemeteries. The photos are available for viewing and download from Dropbox and the Andrew County MOGenWeb section.

Andrew County, Missouri, Maps

Maps included here are not meant to be stellar cartography. My map-making skills are slim. These maps, however, should give the viewer a closer idea of the locations of Andrew County townships, and the cemeteries within the townships. In order to drive to a particular cemetery, please consult the directions at the individual cemetery page. In a few instances, private property owners would prefer limited access to a particular cemetery; in which case, our directions are purposefully vague.

Keep in mind that the township boundaries have changed over the years. A cemetery may have been in one township years ago and now will appear in a different township. This can be confusing (even to PACT volunteers), so pay more attention to the section number than to the name of the township.

Andrew County Township Map (includes main towns)
Benton Township
Clay Township
Empire Township
Jackson Township
Jefferson Township
Lincoln Township
Monroe Township
Nodaway Township
Platte Township
Rochester Township

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