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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Bryant), Pata  Abt 1828Indiana I3662
2 (Gum), Mary H.  JunIndiana I871
3 (Lunte), Carrie L.  Oct 1872Indiana I1068
4 (Lunte), Esther D.  1897Indiana I1074
5 Always  Apr 1880Indiana I2481
6 Always, Birdie  Abt 1875Indiana I2480
7 Always, Charles  Abt 1859Indiana I2477
8 Always, Emma  Abt 1872Indiana I2479
9 Always, Fredrick  Abt 1868Indiana I2478
10 Alwes, Sophia  Abt 1857Indiana I2474
11 Beeler, Jacob  Indiana I12198
12 Beeler, Jacob Cole  7 Nov 1851Indiana I12194
13 Bivens, George W.  17 May 1876Indiana I7247
14 Bryant, Amanda  Abt 1859Indiana I3664
15 Bryant, Anna Charlotte  Abt 1856Indiana I3663
16 Bryant, Clara Bell  Abt 1873Indiana I3667
17 Bryant, Josiah  Abt 1864Indiana I3666
18 Bryant, Liddy Jane  Abt 1861Indiana I3665
19 Bryant, Mary Catharine  Apr 1867Indiana I1664
20 Burkley, Caroline "Carrie"  Oct 1863Indiana I2459
21 Burkley, Howard W.  Jun 1880Indiana I2490
22 Burkley, Mary  Abt 1866Indiana I2460
23 Caldwell, Simon C.  Abt 1840Indiana I11393
24 Cantry, Lillian  Indiana I7249
25 Coleman, Catherine E.  10 Oct 1854Indiana I6413
26 Coleman, John P.  8 Dec 1855Indiana I13043
27 Craig, Polly  Indiana I11915
28 Dorrell, William  Indiana I11914
29 Ellis, Jasper  4 Dec 1847Indiana I4349
30 Etchison, James B.  Abt 8 Feb 1813Indiana I11192
31 Fadely, William B.  8 Dec 1865Indiana I7689
32 Fadely, William Jacob  Indiana I7691
33 Greene, David N.  Abt 1885Indiana I2510
34 Hardwick, Lines Frank  Indiana I5667
35 Heitkamp, Fred  Abt 1867Indiana I2445
36 Hendricks, Catherine Jane  21 Jan 1834Indiana I3632
37 Hendrix, Mary  Indiana I3636
38 Honing, Henry  Abt 1854Indiana I2465
39 Howard, Daniel  Abt 1959Indiana I2443
40 Howard, Lilly  Abt 1858Indiana I2444
41 Humes  Indiana I2500
42 Humes, Bessie P.  Mar 1888Indiana I2496
43 Humes, Calvin Clark  Abt 1857Indiana I2503
44 Humes, Charlie  Aug 1879Indiana I2507
45 Humes, Eddie  Abt 1876Indiana I2506
46 Humes, Edna A.  Jan 1891Indiana I2497
47 Humes, Esther G.  Jul 1899Indiana I2499
48 Humes, John  Jul 1860Indiana I2492
49 Humes, Nellie P.  Sep 1886Indiana I2495
50 Humes, William R.  Oct 1895Indiana I2498

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Schneck, Frederick  Indiana I2446