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Boise, Ada County, Idaho



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Suzanne B.  14 Sep 1925Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2784
2 Bruneel, Bud  12 Jul 1952Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2740
3 Craddick, Patsy Lou  26 Aug 1938Boise, Ada County, Idaho I5833
4 Hammack, Helen Charlotte  18 Jun 1900Boise, Ada County, Idaho I4088
5 Hasbrouck, Willa  21 Oct 1927Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2834
6 Mills, Catherine Earline  14 Oct 1934Boise, Ada County, Idaho I717
7 Quimby, Caleb Jordan  9 Apr 1992Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2753
8 Shively, Lindsay Clair  25 Feb 1990Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Alexander), Mabel Louise  20 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2551
2 Acree, Ray Eugene "Gene"  30 Jan 2006Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2909
3 Arbuckle, Virginia Ruth  5 Sep 2005Boise, Ada County, Idaho I3297
4 Baker, Suzanne B.  18 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2784
5 Belnap, Delsa A.  26 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2848
6 Bruneel, Bud  23 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2740
7 Buttler, Isaac Marion  22 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2670
8 Davidson, Minnie Mae  8 Nov 1952Boise, Ada County, Idaho I261
9 Day, Donald  1997Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2786
10 Foster, Larry Dee  21 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2584
11 Gaddis, Thomas H.  22 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2678
12 Gerlach, Marjorie E.  25 Feb 1994Boise, Ada County, Idaho I5877
13 Getz, Roy LaVern  17 Apr 2007Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2697
14 Hammack, Helen Charlotte  16 Feb 1951Boise, Ada County, Idaho I4088
15 Kasper, Edith Josephine "Jo" "Jody"  16 May 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I771
16 Kasper, Margaret Gladys  19 Mar 1990Boise, Ada County, Idaho I5777
17 King, Edmund A.  25 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2822
18 Knox, John Lyle  19 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2602
19 Martin, Sarah Virginia  25 Mar 2009Boise, Ada County, Idaho I1438
20 Mills, Catherine Earline  15 Oct 1934Boise, Ada County, Idaho I717
21 Mills, John Anderson  25 Dec 1942Boise, Ada County, Idaho I250
22 Mills, Raymond Gordon  5 Sep 1988Boise, Ada County, Idaho I139
23 Pulley, Carlos D.  24 Sep 1921Boise, Ada County, Idaho I3843
24 Pulley, Firm  9 Oct 1964Boise, Ada County, Idaho I16702
25 Pulley, Harold Raymond  12 Feb 1958Boise, Ada County, Idaho I660
26 Pulley, Permelia Ann "Millie"  22 Feb 1931Boise, Ada County, Idaho I3852
27 Pulley, William Joseph "Bill"  6 Jan 2022Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2104
28 Roberts, Edith Elizabeth Ann  31 May 1995Boise, Ada County, Idaho I1216
29 Shively, Lindsay Clair  20 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2615
30 Stein, Dolores Lavinia "Blondie"  28 Dec 2005Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2898
31 Troupe, Florence Marie  19 Mar 2014Boise, Ada County, Idaho I5646
32 Wilding, Kay Ida  18 Apr 2008Boise, Ada County, Idaho I2657


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bates / Matlock  Jun 1917Boise, Ada County, Idaho F988
2 Buttler / Shriner  Aug 1951Boise, Ada County, Idaho F903
3 Getz /   28 Apr 1978Boise, Ada County, Idaho F914
4 Mills / Neifert  1 Feb 1933Boise, Ada County, Idaho F113
5 Pulley / Craddick  23 Nov 1957Boise, Ada County, Idaho F729