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Pettis County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Roberta "Bertie"  16 Mar 1888Pettis County, Missouri I12188
2 Bohon, Helen Blanch  5 Aug 1910Pettis County, Missouri I12189
3 Broyles, Jacob W. "Jake"  24 Aug 1872Pettis County, Missouri I2973
4 Eichholz, Louis J.  14 Feb 1877Pettis County, Missouri I11975
5 Eichholz, Wilbur H.  27 Jan 1887Pettis County, Missouri I11979
6 Eichholz, William C.  24 May 1874Pettis County, Missouri I11983
7 Franklin, Russell George  16 Aug 1891Pettis County, Missouri I12370
8 Lappat, Mollie Barbara  2 Sep 1899Pettis County, Missouri I12072
9 Leiter, Cora M.  9 Sep 1881Pettis County, Missouri I12444
10 Leiter, Ella  31 Jan 1889Pettis County, Missouri I12433
11 Leiter, Henry C.  28 May 1886Pettis County, Missouri I12434
12 Leiter, Stella E.  28 Jan 1891Pettis County, Missouri I12432
13 May, Debbie  Pettis County, Missouri I12352
14 McFatrich, Edward Charles  6 Apr 1893Pettis County, Missouri I12356
15 McFatrich, John Spencer  14 Sep 1876Pettis County, Missouri I12362
16 Mosby, H. C.  Pettis County, Missouri I12300
17 Mosby, Luda A.  26 Jul 1886Pettis County, Missouri I12398
18 Mosby, Minnie Young  4 Apr 1877Pettis County, Missouri I12325
19 Payne, Emma Orran  11 Feb 1878Pettis County, Missouri I2979
20 Pulley, Deverix  23 Dec 1845Pettis County, Missouri I4348
21 Pulley, Nancy Jane "Jennie"  24 Nov 1851Pettis County, Missouri I4381
22 Pulley, Thomas B.  1 Sep 1856Pettis County, Missouri I4403
23 Ramey, David S.  27 Dec 1842Pettis County, Missouri I3576
24 Ramey, Mamie Elizabeth  5 Feb 1866Pettis County, Missouri I3573
25 Reavis, Elizabeth A.  6 Oct 1871Pettis County, Missouri I3537
26 Reavis, Samuel W.  Pettis County, Missouri I3599
27 Schneider, Charles H.  21 Sep 1888Pettis County, Missouri I12301
28 Schneider, James Robert  7 Nov 1876Pettis County, Missouri I12368
29 Wainscott, Ella Rhoda  10 Sep 1866Pettis County, Missouri I12121
30 Wasson, Mary E.  Pettis County, Missouri I2981
31 Wooli, Sarah E.  Pettis County, Missouri I3600
32 Zimmerschied, Charles F.  6 Jun 1871Pettis County, Missouri I12333
33 Zimmerschied, Minnie  8 Aug 1879Pettis County, Missouri I12322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allcorn, Elizabeth J.  14 Jun 1919Pettis County, Missouri I12130
2 Bozarth, Ricky Raymond  25 Feb 1965Pettis County, Missouri I12546
3 McCormick, Massena M.  3 Sep 1916Pettis County, Missouri I12088
4 Stuhner, Jacob  3 Feb 1901Pettis County, Missouri I12285


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chatham / Ramey  6 Aug 1884Pettis County, Missouri F1204
2 Chatham / Thompson  29 Nov 1877Pettis County, Missouri F1209
3 Ramey / Chatham  20 Sep 1877Pettis County, Missouri F1211