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Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buck, Bonnie Jean  19 Sep 1923Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I403
2 Carmichael, Eupha Maudene  14 Apr 1901Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3227
3 Carmichael, Fayron Clayton  29 Jul 1897Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3216
4 Carmichael, James Pomeroy  24 Mar 1909Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3238
5 Douglass, Martha Louise  18 Jan 1911Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I9472
6 Harwood, Charles Edward  4 May 1895Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5834
7 McCartney, Georgia Faye  20 May 1908Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5655
8 Morgan, Belva Electa  12 Mar 1895Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4094
9 Pulley, Archie Morton  4 Jul 1879Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I882
10 Pulley, Harold Raymond  5 Dec 1911Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I660
11 Pulley, John Warren  30 Apr 1906Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4923
12 Pulley, Leroy Westley  26 Apr 1923Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5778
13 Pulley, Pearl G.  24 Feb 1889Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3688
14 Pulley, Sheldon Morton  20 Sep 1908Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4214
15 Sample, Dorothy Leana  Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I6508
16 Smith, Marvin Lee  27 Dec 1920Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5603
17 Swartz, Irma Kay  25 Sep 1937Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beeler, William Howard  26 Feb 1917Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4038
2 Blakely, Jane  8 Aug 1873Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I1394
3 Carmichael, George Pomeroy  10 Dec 1888Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3249
4 Clark, Jeane Brown  18 Mar 1911Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3472
5 Douglass, Martha Louise  21 Feb 1911Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I9472
6 Ebersold, Jay Kenton  13 Mar 2010Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4023
7 Gibson, Jane  17 Feb 1890Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5601
8 Hall, Martha Ellen  18 Feb 1948Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I398
9 Henderson, Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy"  14 May 1882Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3260
10 Lynch, Eldorado  22 Oct 1947Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4098
11 McCartney, Ulysses Lipscomb  18 Dec 1953Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5340
12 McCoy, Andrew Jackson  12 Jul 1924Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I14412
13 McVicker, Charles Carl  7 Mar 1954Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I4150
14 Patton, Francis Lee  30 May 1952Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3827
15 Pearce, Zola Barbara  9 Mar 1919Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I9471
16 Rice, Illah Marie  10 Aug 2017Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5784
17 Shingler, Hiram  30 Oct 1918Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I3461
18 Weidmaier, Betty Jane  8 Dec 2012Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5793
19 Weidmaier, Victor Albert  12 Sep 1969Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I5794
20 Whitson, Abigail A.  21 Feb 1923Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Irvin Green  8 Sep 1930Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri I1603


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Everett / Pulley  5 Mar 1902Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri F899
2 Moore / Shingler  25 Nov 1987Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri F1199
3 Pulley / Lunte  6 Mar 1907Amity, DeKalb County, Missouri F339