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Helena, Andrew County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Lloyd E.  7 Apr 1933Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9150
2 Baker, Hazel Arlene "Toots"  10 Sep 1936Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I17127
3 Bryson, Joyce M.  22 Jun 1944Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I17095
4 Carpenter, Lena Lucille  4 Dec 1919Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11281
5 Carpenter, Marjorie Ada  11 Dec 1915Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11279
6 Carpenter, Robert Louis  24 Feb 1881Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11275
7 Cavey, Barbara June  21 Feb 1937Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I15786
8 Clark, Garry Dean  23 Jul 1944Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I10983
9 Clevenger, Shirley Elizabeth  8 Jun 1936Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I17170
10 Crooks, Mary Jane  7 Jan 1869Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I1174
11 Edmondson, Gladys K.  14 Jan 1938Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I6129
12 Enslow, Rachel  11 Mar 1863Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9406
13 Everett, Jule Don  13 Jan 1933Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I3219
14 Ford, Raleigh Morton  17 Feb 1912Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I5045
15 Greer, Ardra L.  24 Oct 1900Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I3698
16 Hammer, Kathy Marie  16 Apr 1947Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I10284
17 Heath, Dewey Gilbert "Big Dew"  31 Jan 1934Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16821
18 Huffman, John David "J. D." Jr.  29 Jul 1931Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16872
19 Kimmet, Agnes W.  4 Feb 1905Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I13312
20 Kowitz, Margaret Joan  24 May 1932Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I15460
21 McDevitt, Elizabeth  31 May 1871Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I6306
22 Noe, Jr. Robert Eugene  24 Aug 1942Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16802
23 Sale, James A.  10 Oct 1857Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I1002
24 Shay, Charles  31 Jan 1885Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9412
25 Shay, Frederick  24 Dec 1889Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9410
26 Stucki, Ruth Anne  22 Feb 1929Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16811
27 Trachsel, Alfred E.  8 Nov 1884Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Feuz, Jeanette Caroline  1 Oct 1934Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11251
2 Grider, Tim  25 Jul 2021Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16897
3 Heath, Lisa A.  14 Apr 2021Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16825
4 Huffman, John David "J. D." Jr.  14 Jul 2022Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16872
5 Kraus, Joseph  22 Mar 1945Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I13351
6 Price, Robert L. "Bob"  14 Mar 2018Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9240
7 Sale, James A.  26 Apr 1926Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I1002
8 Trachsel, Oscar Albert  16 May 1966Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11261
9 Trachsel, Samuel Robert  21 May 1943Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I11250
10 Tritten, Marion E.  1 Oct 2012Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I16907
11 VanMeter, Rosa Lee  20 Jun 1955Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I9675
12 Vaughn, Samantha Irene  11 Dec 2015Helena, Andrew County, Missouri I15813


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Huffman / Zimmerman  29 Jul 1952Helena, Andrew County, Missouri F6485
2 Showalter / Beahler  29 Jul 1952Helena, Andrew County, Missouri F1925
3 Sipes / Heath  9 May 1975Helena, Andrew County, Missouri F6471
4 Trachsel / Fletchall  2 Mar 1958Helena, Andrew County, Missouri F4256