This information was extracted from the index under preparation by the Missouri State Archives of the Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861-1866. The entries relate in some way to Confederate sympathies among the citizens of Taney county. For full detail on this in-process project and the papers being indexed, see the Missouri Provost Marshal Database.

Name City Subject Date Reel
Ball, James Testimony that Elijah Majors harrassed a loyal Union man 05-19-1862 F 1366
Barker, Thomas Statement of innocence 07-14-1862 F 1183
Barker, Thomas Arrested for aiding enemy, set free, but not allowed to leave 07-16-1862 F 1183
Barker, Thomas Oath of Allegiance 07-16-1862 F 1183
Barnett, James Oath of Allegiance with no witnesses F 1224
Bradley, George Oath of allegiance and other papers were taken from him 07-15-1862 F 1139
Day, Madison Forsyth Alfred Bolin is a highway robber and murderer 02-02-1863 F 1226
Dickenson, George W Oath of Allegiance 07-19-1862 F 1301
F., William L. Forsyth Items that may have been taken by U.S. soldiers 03-04-1865 F 1187
Gibson, Spencer Oath of Loyalty 07-15-1862 F 1325
Gibson, Spencer Forsyth Bond of $1,000 07-15-1862 F 1325
Jackson, Samuel Forsyth Apprehended in bed with a southern officer! 11-8-1862 F 1477
Kissee, Peter Parole 11-29-1862 F 1152
Major, John Point Lookout Pass to visit Pa. to obtain votes. 11-07-1864 F 1366
Majors, Elijah Forsyth Charge of Elijah Major's disloyalty 06-07-1862 F 1366
Mosely, John Bond of $1,000 07-15-1862 F 1203
Parks, B. F. Charge of theft against Elijah Majors 05-19-1862 F 1366
Reed, William Statement regards his bushwhacking activities 05-12-1862 F 1205
Taylor, Thomas R. Bond of $2,000 08-05-1862 F 1402
Taylor, Thomas R. Oath of Loyalty 08-05-1862 F 1402
Thixton, Richard Parole 04-20-1863 F 1403