The Term ran from 7 Jul 1902 to 10 Jan 1903. The school was Cedarcreek School. The school district was District 16, Cedarcreek Twp. Taney County, Missouri. The School Board at the time was made up of: J. H. Jones, D. H. May, and S. M. O'Neal. The Teacher this term was Talitha E. Whelchel. Below are listed the pupils in the class. Note that the sometimes interesting spelling of names was exactly as given on the document itself.

James Awbery
Alpha Awbery
Bertie Awbery
Della Awbery
Marion Bohanan
Earnest Bealer
Floid Barber
Ettie Barber
Archie Coulter
Neva Coulter
Jessie Coulter
Willie Coulter
L. D. Collins
Millie Collins
Elsie Collins
Liza Carpenter
Lela Forge
Smith Hatfield
WIllie Jones
Clarence Miller
Mamie Miller
Mary May
Manda May
Charley May
Martha Merideth
Annie Merideth
Ida Merideth
John Merideth
Clinton O'Neal
Loney O'Neal
Alfred Pinkerton
Rolly Pinkerton
Sarah Persinger
Elizabeth Persinger
Frank Persinger
Charley Persinger
Charley Persinger
Martin Persinger
James Persinger
W. L. Randolph
Cora Stewart
Dora Stewart
Earnest Stallcup
Henry Trammell
Floid Trammell
Flora Trammell
Myrtle Trammell
Lee Trammell
Nina Taylor May
Jane Williams