Date Description of Event
1541-00-00 Hernando De Soto purported to have paid a visit to now Taney County on exploration trip
1673-07-04 Explorers Louis Jolliet and Jesuit Jaques Marquette canoe past the future site of St. Louis.
1682-00-00 Robert Cavelier sieur de La Salle explored the Mississippi Valley and named it Louisiana
1700-10-08 First European sponsored settlement in Missouri was founded by Father Marest at River Des Peres (short lived - only lasted to 1703)
1735-00-00 Founding of Ste. Genevieve, first permanent white settlement inside of present Missouri (some historians place it's founding at 1732-34, others at 1750 - in any event it was relocated after the great Mississippi flood of 1785))
1762-11-13 Spain gained control of Louisiana Territory in Treaty of Fontainebleau
1800-10-30 Spain returned control of Louisiana Territory to France
1803-04-30 Louisiana Purchase completed
1804-10-16 Spanish Governor and Troops depart from St. Louis
1805-03-03 Territory of Louisiana established with capital at St. Louis
1811-12-16 New Madrid earthquakes struck Missouri, the worst in U.S. history
1812-06-04 Territory of Missouri formed
1812-10-01 Taney area was made a part of New Madrid county, one of the original 5 counties of Missouri Territory
1815-00-00 Taney area became part of Lawrence county Missouri Territory. This county was eventually abolished when much of it's territory became part of Arkansas Territory in 1819
1818-01-08 Petition presented to Congress for Missouri to be admitted as a state
1821-08-10 Missouri entered the Union as a slave state
1824-09-00 Catastrophic flood on the White River in present Taney county was probably the worst in the 19th century
1825-00-00 Taney area became part of Wayne county.
1831-01-18 Taney area became part of a non-county area attached to Crawford county
1833-01-02 Taney area became part of newly formed Greene county
1835-09-01 The Public Land Office in Springfield was first opened, allowing sales of public lands in the Taney region
1837-00-00 Forsyth, first of presently existing post offices was created
1837-01-00 Taney County formally organized
1839-00-00 A small area of territory was added to eastern Taney county which extended it's border to the east into non-county territory
1840-00-00 First US Census of Taney County taken
1841-01-29 Ozark County taken from Taney County
1843-01-04 Large earthquake centered near New Madrid would have impacted Taney county
1844-05-00 Catastrophic flood on the White River in present Taney county
1849-00-00 A very tiny part of Taney on it's border with Greene county was moved to Greene
1851-02-10 Stone County taken from Taney County
1852-00-00 The first steam boat to reach Forsyth in Taney county on the White River was the Yohogony in 1852
1855-00-00 Battles between Kansas abolitionists and southwest Missouri Ozarkers began well before the Civil War
1855-00-00 Three story brick courthouse built in Taney county
1855-00-00 Tiny piece of territory that was moved to Greene county in 1849 was returned to Taney
1857-08-29 Part of Taney County taken to help form Douglas County
1858-00-00 First schools were established in the county by action of the Missouri legislature
1858-00-00 The Wire Road was completed which ran from Springfield to Fayetteville, Arkansas and carried the telegraph and overland stage through adjacent Stone county.
1859-03-08 Part of Taney County taken to help form Christian County
1859-07-04 A curious meteorite fell in Taney County near Miney (Mincy?) while a companion meteorite fell in Arkansas leading to extensive scientific comparison over the years.
1860-00-00 Walnut Shade, 2nd of presently existing post offices was established
1861-00-00 Bradleyville, 3rd of presently existing post offices was established
1861-04-13 Surrender of Fort Sumter after it's attack by South Carolina, essentially beginning the Civil War
1861-05-06 Arkansas secedes from the Union
1861-07-22 Union forces under General Sweeney expelled the confederate forces from Forsyth, which they used as their area HQ. The confederates returned as soon as the Union forces left.
1861-08-10 The confederate victory at the Battle of Wilson's Creek near Taney gave the south effective control of southwestern Missouri
1862-03-06 The Battle of Pea Ridge, across the Arkansas border in Benton county led to a victory for the North and gave them control of most of the state of Missouri for the next two years.
1862-04-10 Union forces under General Curtis expelled the confederate forces again from Forsyth. The confederates returned as soon as the Union forces left.
1862-05-20 Homestead Act of 1862 helped create influx of new settlers to Taney over the following several decades
1862-11-07 The Battle of Clark's Mill in Vera Cruz, Douglas county ended in a victory for the South
1862-12-00 Union forces under General Curtis returned to Forsyth after the battle of Prairie Grove and once again expelled the confederate forces. The confederates returned as soon as the Union forces left.
1863-01-08 The battle for Springfield ended in a Union victory
1863-02-02 Union soldier kills bushwhacker and outlaw Alf Bolin
1863-04-22 Union forces left Forsyth for the last time, burning the town and courthouse on their way out to insure it wouldn't again be used by the confederate army.
1864-00-00 Northeastern corner of Taney was moved to Douglas county
1865-00-00 The end of the Civil War was followed by great increase in bushwhackers/outlaws/murders in the Taney area
1865-04-09 General Lee surrendered to the Union at Appomattox Courthous.
1865-04-14 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
1871-00-00 Kirbyville post office was established
1871-00-00 Kissee Mills post office was established
1873-00-00 National economic depression impacts Taney county
1874-00-00 Devastating grasshopper plague impacts Taney county
1875-00-00 Protem post office was established
1882-00-00 Branson post office was established
1883-09-22 The very public murder of Jim Everett in Forsyth by Al Layton considered by many to be the trigger for the Bald Knobber saga over the next 10 years
1884-00-00 Widespread destruction from flooding along the White River in Taney County
1884-10-18 Al Layton acquitted of murdering Jim Everett
1885-04-05 First mass meeting of the Bald Knobbers held on Sapp's Bald, two miles northwest of Kirbyville
1885-12-19 Taney County courthouse burned, with arson suspected, destroying most county records
1888-08-20 Billy Miles kills Bald Knobber leader Nate Kinney
1890-00-00 Widespread destruction from flooding along the White River in Taney County
1890-12-15 Forsyth was incorporated
1891-00-00 New Taney courthouse built
1891-11-04 First bank in Taney county, the Taney County Bank, was created and rented space in the new courthouse.
1892-03-00 Murder of wife by John Bright followed by his lynching was the last such event in the Bald Knobber Saga
1892-03-01 John Bright kills his wife
1892-03-04 Taney county posse captures John Bright
1892-03-12 John Bright lynched/hung by Bald Knobbers, murdering Deputy Sheriff George Williams in the process.
1893-00-00 Rose O'Neill's family moved to Bear Creek and created Bonniebrook
1894-00-00 Cedarcreek post office was established
1894-00-00 Mc Clurg post office was established
1894-00-00 Taneyville post office was established
1895-10-00 Large earthquake centered near Charleston, Missouri would have impacted Taney county
1896-00-00 Harold Bell Wright comes to Taney County
1903-00-00 Railroad reached Branson, first access to rail in Taney County
1904-00-00 Hollister post office was established
1906-00-00 Passenger rail service began in the county
1906-00-00 Rueter post office was established
1907-00-00 Shepherd of the Hills, by Harold Bell Wright, about life in Taney County was published
1907-09-24 School of the Ozarks dedicated in Forsyth
1910-00-00 Large measles epidemic occurred in the Taney area killing many
1912-00-00 Ridgedale post office was established
1912-04-01 Branson incorporated - had population of 1,200
1913-00-00 New jail was built, which is still standing and presently headquarters of the White River Valley Historical Society
1913-00-00 Powersite post office was established
1913-00-00 Rose O'Neill copyrighted the Kewpie Doll
1913-09-00 Powersite Dam completed creating Lake Taneycomo
1915-01-12 Disasterous fire destroyed the School of the Ozarks in Forsyth
1919-00-00 Taneycomo post office was started - later renamed Rockaway Beach
1919-07-12 Power delivery began from Powersite Dam to Forsyth providing the first electricity to the city
1920-03-10 Serious tornado or tornados caused much destruction and death in Melva and nearby Taney communities
1931-00-00 Point Lookout post office was established
1933-00-00 Taneycomo post office was renamed Rockaway Beach, the most recent new post office in Taney
1951-00-00 Courthouse site inundated by Bull Shoals dam, new courthouse built
1951-07-00 Bull Shoals Dam completed creating lake of the same name
1952-00-00 Forsyth forced to relocate to its present location by the rising waters of Bull Shoals lake
1957-05-21 F2 level tornado in Taney county caused a quarter of a million in property damage
1958-00-00 Table Rock Dam completed
1959-00-00 Branson's first music show, the Baldknobbers, opened