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Mount Herman Cemetery
Cedar Township, Section 10
Pettis County, Missouri

North on 65 from Sedalia about 3+ miles to Mt. Herman Road on the right (east). Cemetery is a third of a mile on the left (north). Fenced, attended. The cemetery, once to the rear (north), now encloses the church on three sides. A very active rural cemetery. Below you will find several spellings for certain surnames; Sprinkle and Swope both have an "s" added, and Mettenburg has three variables based on met/mit & berg/burg.

Originally, this was the site of the West Liberty Church & cemetery. Those markers with an asterisk* were for the original church members buried inside the old cemetery boundaries (see photo at bottom). Mt. Herman Church was established on this site on August 7, 1887, and expanded slightly from the one acre that was the original Liberty Church plat.

Up-dated June 7, 2003, by George C. Willick. All rights reserved. Photos submitted by Justin Watkins.

(Kilpatrick), Sylvia (1820-1899)
Kilpatrick, James T. (1821-1899)