La Monte Cemetery
La Monte Township, Section 10
La Monte, Pettis County, Missouri

On the northwest corner of the city. Attended and accepting burials. One of the seven medium-sized cemeteries in the county. Two of the older sections (2? & 3) were recorded by Mrs. J. R. Carter, with the caveat that she recorded only the older markers, and will be kept separate from my recordings as this proceeds. Her newest recorded marker is 1963. None of Mrs Carter's work has been checked, so expect errors and omissions from her time period. La Monte is laid out in five rectangles rolling over a knob. They run east to west, the northern two are a few feet longer than the southern three. And the center section (3) is only half as wide as the other four. To the west of each rectangle has been added five squares (roughly). My guess is that it would take five days to record this cemetery with accuracy. One day down. (GCW 2004)

Recorded by Mrs. J. R. Carter and George C. Willick. Photos submitted by Justin Watkins.