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Green Ridge Cemetery
Green Ridge Township, Section 1
Green Ridge, Pettis County, Missouri

On the northwest side of town, about a block from the junction of 127 & B.

"I have been on the cemetery board since 1970 and the treasurer for about 10 years. This cemetery is owned by the City of Green Ridge, Missouri, and operated by an independent board at their discression. When I semi-retired in 2000, I took it on myself to get a more thorough record for the cemetery and get it on computer. The information has been compiled from the records of the cemetery board, walking the cemetery, records of local morticians, death certificates recorded with the state of Missouri, and individuals." (Morris E. Hinken, February 2008)

Justin Watkins submitted the photographs for this cemetery.

Chatham, Morris L. (1819-1876)
Williams, Keziah Catharine (1825-1878)