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The farm must have been owned by the same family for 100 years or more as of December, 1998. The family shall consist of direct descendants only.  The farm shall consist of not less than 40 acres and must make a financial contribution to the overall farm income.

Although some listed participants have since deceased, the farm at the time they applied was eligible as a Century Farm.

  • Richard H. and Lillie A. Bauer, Stover, Missouri 1866
  • O. E., Ed, and David Baumgartner, Versailles, Missouri 1869
  • John Cline Estate, Versailles, Missouri 1874
  • Emil and Nora Fischer, Stover, Missouri 1854
  • Henry and Viola Fischer, Stover, Missouri 1854
  • John W. Gerhart, Versailles, Missouri 1840
  • Leonard and Nina Koenk, Syracuse, Missouri 1839
  • Salmon and Lois Moore, Versailles, Missouri 1866
  • Clarence and Anna Schroeder, Florence, Missouri 1849
  • Paul and Barbara Siegel, Syracuse, Missouri 1873
  • Aubrey J. Sims, Versailles, Missouri 1836
  • Lee T. and Elsie K. Sims, Versailles, Missouri 1836
  • Elvan A. and Ruth K. Wahlers, Stover, Missouri 1856
  • Edna Martensen Carpenter, Florence, Missouri 1865
  • Wayne and Rita S. Kanenbley, Syracuse, Missouri 1893
  • Harold Eldenburg, Florence, Missouri 1884
  • Beatrice M. Baughman and Ray Baughman Trust, Stover, Mo. 1872
  • James D. and Leanne E. Cox, Barnett, Missouri 1892
  • Thomas E. Lake and Arleen Sims Lake, Versailles, Missouri 1836
  • Bob E. and Sandra K. Comer, Versailles, Missouri 1877
  • Milton and Myrna Schroder, Florence, Missouri
  • Kevin McDonald, Barnett, Missouri