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Acton Yvonda Robinett
Anderson Sharon Culver Elsina Easter Anderson, 1872 Bigelow, Holt, MO
Baker Ellen Blackstone Christopher Columbus Baker and Sarah Elder Baker
Baldwin Mallory
Banks Brenda Zuniga Oregon
Boly/BolliRobert Joseph Kyle
Bridgeman/Bridgmon/ Merri Vinton Part of the large BRIDGMON group settled in Nebraska and Kansas.
BrowningCaryl Lynn Zachary Welch
Burge Sharon Culver Eliza Burge Easter
Caldwell Ken Hamilton
Carey Shaunee Power
Carr Joanne Bodner
CatonCaryl Lynn Zachary Welch
Chaney Sharon Culver
CrawfordBrenda Zuniga Oregon
Currier Merri VintonBounced back/forth between MO & KS.
DhaboltBrenda Zuniga
Earickson Karyn Techau
Easter Sharon CulverZachariah Easter
Elder Ellen Blackstone
Ethington Mallory
Evans Merri Vinton Left Holt County, MO, for Mills County, IA
FreySally Milleson Bowers
Gibson Merri Vinton
Harman Ken Hamilton
Harmon Ken Hamilton
Harris Linda KestnerJohn and Allice HARRIS, Sons: Jonathan Preston, William H, Holt Co1855-1865.
IrwinJoanne Bodner
James Merri Vinton
JumpsRon Jumps
KellyJoanne Bodner
KennishCaryl Lynn Zachary Welch
KunkleYvonda Robinett
KurtzSally Milleson Bowers
Kyle Robert Joseph Kyle
MillesonSally Milleson Bowers
MillisonSally Milleson Bowers
MurrayWallace MurrayCharles Howe and Wife Hannah (Taylor) MURRAY, Nicholas Fremont and Linville MURRAY, 1870s.
NorrisRobert Joseph Kyle
OrthKen Hamilton
RaineyKaryn Techau
RameyEllen Blackstone
RoucheRobert Joseph Kyle
ScottBrenda ZunigaOregon
SharpKaryn Techau
SkeelsCaryl Lynn Zachary Welch
TaylorWallace MurrayCharles Howe and Wife Hannah (Taylor) MURRAY, William D. and John E. TAYLOR, 1840-1880s.
Templeton Merri Vinton
Titus Merri VintonBounced back/forth between Missouri and Kansas
ZacharyCaryl Lynn Zachary Welch