With one exception, Mr. Zook is the oldest member of the Holt county bar. The family from which he is descended was of German origin. His parents were from Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and at an early period removed to Ohio, where in Wayne county the subject of this sketch was born. Daniel Zook, which was also his father's name, in the spring of 1842 emigrated from Ohio to Holt county, Missouri, and settled three miles south of Oregon, in East Lewis township. Mr. Zook obtained his education partly in the common schools, but the greater part of it through a private instructor, the Rev. Mr. Raney, a Presbyterian minister at Oregon. He undertook the study of law, which he pursued chiefly at home, with the assistance of James Foster and Col. John W. Kelly—the two members who then composed the entire Holt county bar. He was admitted to practice in 1848, and established himself as a lawyer at Oregon.

The profession of law has since claimed his attention. He resided in Oregon till the fall of 1857, when he removed to Forest city, where he resided till the fall of 1863, at which date he returned to Oregon, where he has since lived. He was married in 1852 to Cordelia Dozier, of Holt county. Her death occurred in August, 1874. He was at first a member of the old Whig party, but since the dissolution of that organization he has been a Democrat, and is earnest in his support of the principles of the Democratic party. During the years 1863 and 1864 he served as prosecuting attorney of Holt county. In 1865 he formed a law partnership with E. Van Buskirk, which continued till the spring of 1874, when he became the law partner of Thos. H. Parrish, with whom he is still practicing law. Mr. Zook with one exception is the oldest practitioner at the Holt county bar, and during a long and constant residence in the county, extending back to the year 1843, he has been intimately and honorably identified with its interests.

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Holt County, MO., p. 34