Union Star Cemetery
Polk Township
Township 60, Range 33, Section 27
DeKalb County, Missouri

Cemetery is down a dirt road. If you are on Hwy 169 going south, it is before you enter the town (if you see the entrance to the town park or the one and only school, you've gone too far). It will be on your left. If you are going north on Hwy 169 then it will be on your right. You will go all the way through town and just when the speed limit picks up again is where you turn.

Kelly and her sister, Bonnie, took the photographs of this cemetery.

ADAMS, Lloyd E. (1933-2018)
AGEE, William James (1892-1972)
ALLEN, Emma Rhoda (1880-1956)
BAKER, Connie Mae (1886-1960)
CARPENTER, Daniel E. (1847-1938)
CARPENTER, Hubert B. (1888-1914)
CARPENTER, Robert Louis (1881-1962)
CLARK, Elizabeth Belle (1867-1950)
EDMONDSON, Richard C. (1850-1922)
GROOCE, Betty Beatice (1888-1941)
HALL, James Monroe (1874-1938)
HALL, John Henry (1856-1943)
HAMMER, Elvarie (1840-1918)
JACKSON, Samuel Gates (1878-1967)
JONES, Walter Lee (1905-1967)
LILLIBRIDGE, Bessie Fay (1890-1978)
MILLER, James Dee (1852-1945)
MOYES, Marion Lee (1923-1967)
PICKARD, James Wesley (1854-1945)
SMITH, Donald A. (1940-2018)
SWINK, James Oscar (1916-2001)
UTZ, Mary Catherine (1847-1896)
VANMETER, Rosa Lee (1882-1955)
VEALE, John H. "Jack" ( __ -1916)
WHEELER, John Sherman (1874-1956)
WHEELER, Samuel (1840-1931)
WILSON, Juanita "Auntie" (1918-2011)
WILSON, Madeline (1922-2018)