Union Chapel Cemetery
Sherman Township
Township 59, Range 33, Section 26
Oak, DeKalb County, Missouri

From the intersection of US29 and Hwy 36 in St. Joseph, take Hwy 36 east for 12 miles, turn north onto state road 31/6 for 9 miles. Just as the road takes a 90 degree turn to the east, you will turn left, or west, onto state road V/Y. Proceed west on V/Y for 2 miles and turn north, or right, onto Bray Rd (which is also state road F). Proceed north on Bray Rd approximately 3/4 of a mile and you will see the church on the top of the hill, on the east, or right, side of the road. The drive and church are visible before the cemetery. From Union Star, proceed east out of town on 169 for approximately a 1/4 of a mile, turn south, or right, onto state road F. Proceed south on F for 4 miles, until the road takes a 90 degree turn to the east for a 1/4 of a mile, and then another 90 degree turn back south. After this second turn you will proceed approximately 1.5 miles and the cemetery will be on the east, or left, side of the road.

Kelly Alvarado photographed this cemetery.

Carrell, Mary Ellen (1918-1918)
Dunlap, Catherine Virginia (1841-1926)
Everett, Charles Carson (1881-1933)
Everett, Mansell Pulley (1904-1937)
Greer, James H. (1857-1914)
Greer, Lilburn Earl (1894-1964)
Ketchem, Mary Alice (1866-1947)
Mayse, Robert L. (1873-1946)
Morgan, Hugh (1898-1967)
Patton, Jeanette (1869-1905)
Pulley, Andrew J. (1867-1903)
Pulley, Deverix Newton (1834-1900)
Pulley, Grover L. (1892-1977)
Pulley, Mary Esta (1861-1955)
Pulley, Miranda Jane (1877-1944)
Pulley, William Newton (1865-1951)
Sale, James A. (1857-1926)
Sale, S. W. A. (1888-1888)
Wren, William Dale (1913-1922)