DATE: 02 January 2004
NAME: Barb Skidmore
Sartin, James Sheridan Sartin in Carter County, MO about 1900, wife Mariah Minerva Baker, Children: Mary Hettie, William Nathanel, Frances Mahala, John Thomas, Vuena (Avena) Vista, George Washington and Robert Limrow.
Sartin, Robert Limrow, married Asenath Jane Nesselrote in 1901 in Carter County, Missouri. His parents James Sheridan Sartin, hers, Nathaniel Baker and Hetty Morris.
I have got a lot of unconfirmed information that needs local assistance.
Many Thanks.
Barb Skidmore

DATE: 15 January 2004
Trying to find information on great grandmother Josie Roper/Rover. She married Septimus Brown 25 July 1897 in Ellsinore, but where did she live, the license reads married at her residence?
DATE: 20 January 2004
NAME: Janet Marshall
GGrandfather was George W. Baker (b. 2 Jul 1882 - d. 11 Mar 1946). He married Mary C. Clark (b. 4 Jun 1884 - d. 7 Apr 1958). They lived their entire life in Carter County. I have heard that a couple of ladies in Carter County wrote a book about families there. My line of Bakers were in the book. Does anyone know the name of this book? Whether there are any copies for sale? Or perhaps someone may have this book and would be kind enough to look up my family?
Thank you so much,
Janet Marshall
DATE: 21 January 2004
NAME: Bill Webber
Looking for districk 37, Carter Co., Carter Missouri. Family History library film #1254679, NA Fillm #T9-0679. This would be for: John R. C. Webber. He was born in alabama 1839. Would appreciate help in getting a copy.
Thank you

DATE: 30 January 2004
NAME: S. Richards
Researching Jackson Tinker born 1818 in Indiana - married to a P. __? __before 1850. Lived in Carter County during Civil War. 1860 census in Carter County Mo. Had a daughter named Emaline. Looking for any info on confederate or union?
S. Richards

DATE: 23 April 2004
NAME: Brenda
. Is there anyone who could do a cemetery search for us? We are looking for John and Victoria Morelan(d). They lived in Ellsinore, so they are probably buried there. They are in the 1920 and 1930 census there. John was 62 in 1930 and Torie was 55. These ages are probably not exactly correct, as teh census is usually off.
Any help you can offer us would be greatly appreciated! I am doing this research for my cousin who lives in Crystal City, Mo. Shi is in her seventies, and she does not get around real good, so I am trying to help her. so far I have been lucky to find many volunteers on the internet, who have been kind enough to help us.
I hope someone will help in this case
Thanks for your time

DATE: 10 May 2004
NAME: Richard Keller
Trying to find info/photos of William Henry Davis (1868 - 1941) and his wife Cynthia Tripp Davis of Flat River Mo.
Richard Keller

DATE: 09 July 2004
NAME: < a href=""> Oland Haywood
Looking for living Haywood relatives to Marvin Edgar Haywood and Ennis Albert, had daughters: Elsie, Velma, Verna, son's Edwar Bernell, & Wilbert Lee of Missouri. Any grandchildren?

DATE: 14 July 2004
NAME: Allene Hood
Searching for info on Van Howell, Maggie McNeely, parents of Florence Howell Hood. Florence was born in Van Buren ca 1885. Florence was my grandmother.
Hope you can help me and thank you so much.
Allene Hood

DATE: 30 August 2004
NAME: Jim Latta
I'm looking for info on James Latta who lived in Carter County in 1860. Was married to Nancy E, Latta. Then we find a marriage to Mary R.Pierce in Carter County in 1862. We are trying to find his grave site, or death records. We know he was alive in 1870.
Thanks, Jim Latta
DATE: 09 Sept. 2004
NAME: James Brasher
I'm still searching for my great grandmother, Josie Roper/Rover in Carter County. I have run into her name in different places sometimes spelled Roper sometimes Rover. I wonder if you have any ideas on how to find out if there was a Roper or Rover family living in Ellsinore in 1897 and where they lived. Josie Roper married Septimus Brown July 23, 1897 at her residence in Ellsinore by Johnathan Wood. It is said in my family that she died in childbirth but I can't prove it yet. Her only child was my grandmother, Betty Mae Brown, born July 6, 1899.