Date of Death: 6 Aug 1921
Subject: Herald Seckels
Source: St. Joseph Observer, 20 Aug 1921

Thursday afternoon Harold Seckles [sic] at some half-ripe grapes and some watermelon. He and his brother went to the field to get a half gallon of gasoline from the tank in which Mr. Seckles keeps the gasoline for the tractor. On the return the boys stopped to fight wasps and broke the bottle of gasoline and some of which went on Harold’s overalls. Boylike, they agreed to touch a match to the gasoline to see it burn and Harold got too near and the gasoline caught on fire and before he could remove his overalls and smother the fire out his legs was [sic] burned from the knee down until the skin fell off. Dr. Myers was called and dressed the wound. Then on Friday Harold began to suffer from the burn and from eating the grapes and watermelons. Nothing could be done to relieve the fever and he was taken to the hospital Saturday morning early and he died at 11 o’clock.- Savannah Reporter