Date of Death: 16 Sep 1895
Subject: Clare H. Matteson
Source: Savannah Reporter, 20 Sep 1895

Clare H. Matteson, the second son of the late Frank Matteson, a well know former resident of Savannah, was downed in the Mississippi river near St. Louis last Saturday. It is not known whether it was a suicide or an accidental drowning. Saturday's Star-Sayings had the following:

About 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon a man was seen to walk onto the sand barge of the Missouri Sand Company at the foot ofNorth Market street, undress, leave his clothes on the barge, jump into the water and drown. Whether the man was only taking a swim, or deliberately committed suicide is impossible to say. Thomas Moran, 1307 North Fifteenth street , who saw him jump into the water, states that when a short way out in the water he heard him call for help.

From letters found in the pockets of the coat it would seem that the man's name was Clare H. Matteson, and that his home is in St. Joseph, Mo. He is described as being about twenty-four years old; five feet, nine inches high, with a small mustache. His linen was marked with the letters "C. H. M."

One of the letters in his pocket was dated February 7, 1895, and signed by S. C. Woodson of the First National Bank, St. Joseph, Mo. It strongly recommended Clare H. Mattison [sic] as a bookkeeper. He also carried a recommendation from the People's Street Railway, Electric light and Power Company. A letter from his mother, dated September 13, was also found. On his person was found a paper on which was written the following, among other things: "Oh, Lord, I pray for help and strength to overcome the sinful things which I have been accustomed to do, and I pray for courage to testify to thy love and power." He then goes on to state his disbelief in the doctrine of future punishment and his confidence in the love of Christ.

The remains were found in the Mississippi Monday morning at 7:30 o'clock and far from where he sank and he was immediately identified by his brother Carl.

His remains were sent to his mother's residence in St. Joseph where the funeral exercises were held Tuesday afternoon. The body was then brought to this city for interment and were buried in the cemetery about 7:30 p.m. His relatives and a number of friends from St. Joseph were present as was also a large number of former acquaintances and friends from this city.