Date of Death: 13 Aug 1909
Subject: Thalia (Kelley) Shipley
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 27 Aug 1909, p. 1

Our sympathy goes out to Judge Henry S. Kelley, in the loss of his daughter, which is made doubly sad in that she gave her hand in marriage to George W. Shipley, only a month ago, and her death came by an accident. She was born and raised in Savannah, and Thalia was ever a popular girl. She had been residing with a brother, Abraham, at San Diego, Cali., and only on July 17th last, was married to G. W. Shiply [sic], engineer of the Riverside, Cali., waterworks pumping plant. On the evening of August 18th, she went to the pumping station with her husband's lunch as usual, and after eating it he left the room. In a moment he heard a scream and rushed to the engine room. There he saw his wife entangled in the powerful 20-foot belt that connected the engine with the pump: the belt had hurled he[r] beneath the pulley and held the body pinned fast. Life was crushed out instantly.