Date of Death: 20 Aug 1872
Subject: Thomas Dickey
Source: Andrew County Republican, 30 Aug 1872, p. 3

On Monday last Mr. Ezra T. Dickey, of this city, commenced digging a well on the place of Mr. Joseph Buhler, near this city. When he had got down about twenty feet, it was found difficult to remain in the well very long at a time, on account of the "damps." When he ceased digging, that evening, the well was some thirty feet deep, and the atmosphere at the bottom was very highly impregnated with the poison. Mr. Dickey warned any one from attempting to dig in it the following day, as by that time he thought no one would be able to remain in the well any time at all. On Tuesday, however, although lighted candles previously let down into the well had been extinguished by the "damps" before reaching the bottom, Mr. Thomas Dickey essayed to go into the well, with the understanding with Mr. Buhler, who let him down, that upon a signal that he couldn't stand it he was to be hauled up immediately. Upon being lowered nearly to the bottom (water had not yet been reached), Mr. Dickey was heard to exclaim: "I can't stand it." Mr. Buhler at once commenced hauling him up, but Thomas was at the same moment so overcome by the insidious poison that he fell lifeless from the bucket in which he was standing. Mr. Buhler immediately gave the alarm, and it was many minutes before Mr. John Dickey, uncle of the unfortunate victim in the well, appeared, and was about to climb precipitately down the rope to rescue his nephew, and would thereby only have added his own to the corpse already lying at the bottom. The rope was made fast to him first, however, and the lifeless form of the unfortunate man was soon brought to the top. Medical aid was hastily sent for, but the fatal poison had effectually done its work, and he was therefore beyond the assistance of mortal power. The deceased was buried on Tuesday afternoon.