Date of Death: 21 May 1906
Subject: Joseph C. Brooks
Source: Savannah Reporter, 25 May 1906- probably partial

Mr. Brooks came to Andrew County with his parents in 1857 from Rockcastle County, Ky. The family lived near Kodiak, Rochester Township. Mr. Brooks taught school for about eight years. While he was threshing, a serious injury resulted in the loss of his left September 5, 1882. During the same year he was elected Circuit Court Clerk. He held that position for eight years. He held various offices of trust and was a member of the Christian Church. His father was Judge James W. Brooks.

On May 21, 1906, Joseph C. Brooks took his own life, using a gun borrowed from William Clasbey. The train men on the noon Maple Leaf freight saw the body and told the section men who were down the track. They told the agent who notified the prosecuting attorney, Mr. Pyle, who found the unfolded note pinned to his vest and his coat buttoned over it.

Source: Holt County Sentinel, 25 May 1906, p. 5

J. C. Brooks, 63 [sic] years old, killed himself at Savannah, Monday, May 21st, by firing a shotgun with his cane. The aged man went to the city park about 3 o'clock and made all preparations to die. A shot was heard by a train crew in the neighborhood, and upon investigation, they found the old man dead. The entire upper portion of his head was blow off. He had seated himself on a bench, and, steadying the shotgun, he pulled [the] trigger with his cane. Mr. Brooks was twice circuit clerk of Andrew county. He was a cripple, having lost a leg many years ago. He leaves a wife, a daughter and a brother, all living near Savannah. The old man is said to have been despondent for some time past.