Date of Death: 13 Jun 1874
Subject: Joel M. Reece
Source: Andrew County Republican, 19 Jun 1874, p. 1

To-day, at about 4 p.m., as Mr. Joseph [sic] Reece was hurrying across a field (Bird Allen's place), he was struck by a bolt and instantly killed. His clothing was literally torn into shreds-- not a garment of any kind being left upon him. There was quite a gash cut upon his head; the upper half of his right ear was cut away, and his person severely scorched. He was a widower, having recently lost his companion, and leaves three children, with other near relatives and friends, to mourn his sudden death.

Source: Andrew County Republican, 26 Jun 1874, p. 8

The name of the man who was killed by lightning, mentioned in last week's paper, we are informed, was Joel M. Reece, instead of Joseph Reece. His age was forty-one years.